looping cloud animation


is there a way of getting looping animated clouds moving slowly across the sky in a 75 frame animation. At the moment because of the short duration of the animation sequence, the cloud layer zips across too quickly. Im not sure how to slow it down without getting a jump in the cloud movement.

Ive tried offsets, extremely long bitmaps etc. Anyone got any suggestions?


Would time-stretching the clip and using frame blending work?


ok. I’ll try that out. But I get the impression the 75 frames pretty much restricts what I can do. The couds move 50 frames and the playback head loops back to the start, which results in a jump. I may have to find another approach, like a tiled cloud texture or something.


found a solution. Composition is 640 across, so, I created a tiling cloud texture which repeats every 64 pixels. Then, I offset the cloud animation 10 frames, so it moves across (looping) quite slowly, but with no jumps.

The texture looks a bit repeated, but it works! :cool:


Y’know, I had too keep re-reading your original post, but now I finally see what your problem was.

The only question I still have is why would you want something to loop after only 75 frames?



heh, I probably didnt explain it too well.:surprised

I had to keep the frame count down to 75 frames to keep the file size down for the final AVI. Its for a menu-screen on a multi-platform game, and it had to loop.

First time Ive used Afx for my job actually. Glad I took the time to learn it.:thumbsup:


As long as it works, eh?


hmmm, personally I’d have made a tile 320pixels horizontally. that way, I’d see less tiling. but, jobs done I bet so who cares now eh? get on with something you want to do!


jeez, would that work? I found if I moved the clouds (offset them)any more tha 60 or 70 frames the clouds moved too fast. I mean, you would have to offset the cloud map 320 pixels to get a complete loop right? Thats over 75 frames, and that would move WAY to fast.

Have you tried this with 320 pixel wide texture?


oh yes, of course. didn’t see the 75frame loop thing. nope, that’d be fine then!

have to excuse me on that one!


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