looping an animation


hi i have a walk cycle but which repeats once i was wondering how do i loop this so that i dont have to manually do it until my charatcer has finished his path?


does anyone know? im a newb to this so its really confusing i know my keys will loop together but surely there is a better way to do this than continually copy+ paste each key manually? can i not make these movements loop at all ? :cry:


whats your version? you on R9?
then the Motion-sequence in timeline is your friend (I think its a MOCCA feature)
read it up in the Mocca Manual.
To loop properly it is best to first bake the motion from your Controls directly to the bones and use these skeleto-copies fior the Motionsequence. .
Thus you will have no problem with loops & distortion because of SoftIK and such .
Unfortunately the timeline still lacks a Clips-system (it was there in R7 as Motiongroups, for those who remember, but nowadays it should be like XSIs or Motionbuilder, i guess).



You can also “project” the movie as a texture on a plane that has the same pixel size as your movie and set to pingpong mode, frame per frame, and make a movie of this.
Not a real animator’s way of working but it does work.


Well, you kind of manually do it.

Set your loops for say 3. Then use Fabian’s Loop to Keys plugin/expression (free). Once you have all your keys in the timeline, you have to move your master null forward in time at the right speed to get rid of foot slipping.

Again…pretty manual.


how do i actually go about “setting my loops”? - where do i click ? :hmm:


I don’t have Cinema in front of me, but I believe it’s in the Attribute Manager when you click on your sequences.

Check the manual.


yeah it is - thanks for that :thumbsup:


The problem I have found with additive looping in the in the motion sequence AM settings is that you object remains still for 1 frame as the loop restarts. I have not found a way around this. Rotation values seem to work ok, it’s the position data that freezes and causes a halt. Aligning to a spline path in the sequence helps a little but you still get a freeze frame.

I think just looping the actual sequences then aligning to a spline is your best bet.

I wish they hadn’t taken away those motion groups…


" I wish they hadn’t taken away those motion groups…"



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