Loop Value with ADM


Hey guys,

I need to make a value scale up from 0 to 255 and back to 0 to 255 in a infinite loop.

The simpler idea would be an animated Scalar, from 0 to 255 with an Out of Range set to Cycle.
It would work just fine IF i wouldn’t need something else. :smiley:

I want it to be very flexible. I need to control how fast (or slow) it goes from 0 to 255 with an Exposed Parameter, like a multiplier. The problem is that I can’t multiply this value since it can’t go over 255.

As you might have noticed, i’m controlling colors. Here’s the scene file:

Thx :slight_smile:


I could fake a 2nd cycle here but still have no idea on how to make goes forever.


in this case, when the values is >255 it switches to function that subrtracts 255 from the original value.

Still kinda useless, just want to keep it up to date so, maybe, someone can have an idea based on it.


Done! Just realised a much more elegant solution. :slight_smile:

I’m using a Sin function to make values go from 0 to 255 and back to 0… Works just fine like this :beer:

Here’s the file in case anyone gets interested.


Dude that is awesome! nice work :smiley:


Thx John :beer:

I’ve learned what a Sin function does on a Houdini tutorial. Would love to understand what all of those other functions do! :slight_smile: