Loop Cut Snapping Problem


Since the introduction of R18 I’ve had a major problem with the knife tool snapping to edges/vertices of other objects (or grids) while loop/path cutting. I don’t understand why the function has changed, or what I’m doing wrong. Sometimes I want to loop cut an object but snap to grid lines. I used to be able to do this without a problem in older versions of C4D. I’d enable snapping to grids/guide plane, go into, say, top view, and then engage the loop cut. My cuts would then snap to guides (or vertices of other objects if that’s what I chose to do). Now, in R18, if I engage the loop/path knife tool, turn on snapping, I get the little white circle and snapping indicators in my HUD as I move around, but the cuts never snap. What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug?


I’ve noticed the same thing and it’s awful. *I would assume it’s a bug as I don’t know how it could be considered a feature.


i don’t like the new versions of cinema 4d ,downgrade to old version R13 works perfect