Loomis doesn't happen everyday...


Hi all,

Just thought I’d share this little discovery of mine with you all, as you’re all most likely to appreciate it ;)…

While clearing out the storeroom in my rather overstuffed house, I came accross a beautiful copy of the now out-of-print Andrew Loomis’ Figure drawing for all it’s worth. It’s missing the jacket but otherwise in great shape, and I dare say flipping through it has inspired me to learn some anatomy ;).

Anyway, I might upload some pics later just for fun…Of course, the PDF’s are avaliable online, but it’s awesome to have randomly stumbled on such a thing; 1st editions of the book are being sold for >$300 on amazon :cool:

Cheers, keep up the good work all :slight_smile:


If you happen to get tired of it (anatomy studying tends to get boring for most people after a while), feel free to send me the book :stuck_out_tongue:


I cleared my storeroom and found nothing



Believe BudPlant.com sells the German language version for around $30, if all you really did is to see the artwork.

Mr. D


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