Looks like that Cintiq tablet Wacom was teasing about is going to be Android.


Just saw this:

Wacom seems to have something cooking this month as it released a truly teasing video about its “next creative evolution” to be revealed on the 20th of August. Although the video doesn’t hint at anything, rumors are going around that it could be the 13-inch Cintiq Hybrd 13HD Android tablet.


Wacom is a brand recognized by every professional and hobby artists for producing the popular line of digital drawing tablets and pens. Wacom’s Cintiq tablets resemble computer tablets but are really just pen, and sometimes touch, enabled displays that attach to a separate computer. Late last year, Wacom teased a portable tablet that turned out to be the Cintiq 13HD, a regular Cintiq in a smaller 13-inch package. Things might turn out differently this time, though, as there have been numerous rumors of a true Android Wacom tablet in the works.

An FCC filing showed a 13-inch device with a Wacom label and the name “Cintiq Companion Hybrid” on the rear. Some specs that have been thrown out include an NVIDIA Tegra 4 1.8 GHz Quad-Core processor, a 13.3 FHD 1920×1080 display, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and of course, a Wacom stylus, probably the S Pen that is also used in Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices. The company has now released a video, telling us to mark the date on which it will unveil its next big thing, which could very well be this tablet.


Color me disappointed. :frowning:


Huge Android fan here so I’m pretty psyched about this. Hopefully (if it does turn out to be true) this will be a lot more responsive than my Samsung Note. Can’t wait!


I’m not sure how “official” these should be considered, but Wacom’s page on Facebook has some promotional comics called “Top Secret: The Mobile Tablet Innovation Spy” that tease details about the device.

This one seems to indicate that versions of the device will be offered for both Windows and Android. If that’s not the case and it’s only Android, I’ll be disappointed as well… guess we’ll know tomorrow!


There’s been talk of two, a business one where the touch and pen are more for presentation/discussion (which was always rumored to be a lightweight, battery friendly OS), and an over-beefed artist one, which was supposed (rumored, nothing else) to be win 8.

Don’t colour yourself just yet.


Wow, painting on the go I hope. I just hope the software side is up to scratch too though, if it’s a true tablet without the need to be connected to a PC or Laptop. It’ll be interesting to see if this has a really decent camera too.

Maybe I’m ignorant but why are you disappointed Sheepfactory?


Android, honestly… how much more fragmentation on a single platform could we ask for?


I am disappointed because I want a Win8 pro tablet like the surface pro but with a bigger screen where I can run full windows apps like zbrush/painter/etc and not another android/iOS tablet.

We will see tomorrow, can’t wait.


Lets not dredge up the fragmentation myth, please.
It’s unlikely Wacom will have ONLY that tablet in the line up anyway.

They have a ripe market of cashed up artists they have been successfully drainining every last drop of blood from for years, I’d be extremely surprised if there wasn’t a win8 version out as well, much like the surface pro came out in mobile and full versions.

SPro that, for the record, these days has full pressure sensitivity and everything on a full blown platform for 1k, much the same price Wacom charges for the smallest cintiq with no embedded processing power or battery at all. I’m still afraid of what they will feel legitimated to charge for for a full touch and pen sensitive laptop.


screw Wacom, I’m only surprised theres yet a on the par rival to them despite the core patent is now expired (I believe)


Samsung ativ, particularly the Ativ Q which looks like it will be $1500. Almost 4 I resolution, 10point touch and Penabled pressure sensitive with windows 8 and emulated android. Certainly looks like the best device until a new surface pops up using haswell for decent battery life.

Why is everyone waiting on a overpriced cintiq tablet at this point. Granted the small pens with single buttons suck in comparison but we’ll see what Wacom even includes for a pen as I doubt it will be standard cintiq pens that are big and not easily stored with the tablet.

My dream is a longer, two button pen and 3 customizable buttons accessible on the front panel of a tablets interface that we could use as modifier keys. That would be a true artist friendly tablet.


The AtivQ has fallen off Samsung’s radar lately, and nothing new has been heard. It seemed a little dubious to begin with, since it only had 4gb of RAM, and 4k on a screen that small doesn’t actually seem very useful for artistic purposes (detrimental even, for apps that don’t have scalable UIs). Maybe it will resurface later with more memory.

The best place to keep up with this stuff is the forums at tabletpcreview.com. The people there are super informed about which models have Wacom sensors and support WinTab drivers.

edit: my 7-year-old Toshiba m400 is still going strong, with XP and 2 GB of RAM :slight_smile:

Still looking for something to replace it with that isn’t either $2400+ (Fujitsu T902), or a major down-grade in some area (non-removable batteries and ultra-low-voltage CPUs seem to be the real achilles heel of sub-1000$ tablets like the Surface)


You can buy Wacom-penabled compatible pens with more or less the same form factor as cintiq pens.


Here’s some more information - not surprisingly a hefty pricetag attached.


it seems that only the android version allows to be docked to a tower and turned into a regular cintiq. was kinda hoping both would.


Again looking at Wacom’s teaser comics on Facebook, this one seems to suggest the digitizer will be similar (or even identical?) to the 13HD’s stylus. It’d be pretty low of them to dangle out that carrot and then end up giving customers a little crayon-esque pen like so many convertibles use.

Edit: had not seen Intervain’s post, which links a much better source of information. Thanks for that!


Unsurprisingly expensive, underspecced, and with an absolutely disproportionate price bump for storage.
The bump from 250 to 500GB alone costs MORE than the premium retail price of a 500GB Evo, and I seriously doubt it’s anywhere the same quality storage of one.

I had guessed it at 2k+ for plastering a Haswell behind their 13" Cintiq when they first announced it, apparently, and sadly, being a pessimist when it comes to Wacom never fails to align to reality. They exceeded it in badness actually.
8GB of ram and using the integrated intel 4000 and a power hungry Ivy Bridge, Seriously?


I feel like this could go either way.


Looks like it’s priced in-line with their other products rather than what the rest of the world offers. The Surface Pro is more than $1,000 cheaper, only downside is a smaller screen. The Android version seems the most useful, but they should add a wireless option for connecting it to your PC, since it can get power through the battery it should be a simple thing to just sit at your desk and press a few buttons to connect.
BTW for the people considering buying, don’t pay for extra storage, it has an SD card slot.


Preach it brother!

That is exactly what I want as well.

edit: wow just saw the link on the last page. Terrible pricing as expected, and a ivy bridge in a mobile device? Whats the battery life I wonder?


Enough to move between rooms without disconnecting from all the cloud stuff it comes heavily bundled with.