Hey everyone.

My name is Aaron Brown and I just graduated from Washington State University with a Fine Arts degree. I currently work as a 3d designer and in my free time I would love to collaborate on a short film. I have experience with modeling, texturing, concept art and lighting. If you want some extra help let me know! I am going to start putting images in my portfolio this week. I just signed up officially so I am still getting set up. Thanks for reading!

Aaron Brown


Hey aaron, nice portfolio you have.

Do you have any scripts/ ideas for any short films or are you looking to join a project?

I’m currently wanting to start a short film project, but i’m finding it hard to find other talented artists who can help out.


Hello Daniel!

I just checked out your portfolio and I like what you have done! Very nice. I am actually in the process of moving to Seattle but when things slow down a bit I have a fun idea for a short that I would love to collaborate with some people on.

Keep an eye on this thread and I will update my status in the next month or so. Thanks for your interest!



No problem, i’ll only have until this september to work 7 days a week for long periods of time though, after that it’s university si won’t be able to work on collabs so much. However i’ll still be up for doing work when i can.

I’m current writing up a small short film, only a few minutes long with one character, if you wan’t when i’m done writing the script i can send it to you, you can have a think about it and then we can take it from there, if you want?


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