Looking to pay for some work done


I am searching for an artist who likes creating sci fi. I am a professional screenwriter/author with many ongoing projects. One of which is a full-length military sci fi novel that I need some concept art done for. If your good enough, I will pay for some cover art to use for the publication. I like what I’ve seen on this site and believe I can find what I need here.

Please respond if you are interested.

Thanks for your interest and the wonderful art I have enjoyed viewing here.
Scott Richards


i can help you
you can connect me on skype: cis.am4
also can mail me anytime hayden@cisinlabs.com


Hello, I’m oncept artist and illustrator utilizing 2d and 3d techniques to create story-telling visuals for games and film. I specialize in cinematic keyframes and environmental design.

You can find my work at https://rickyhoconcepts.com/

If you would like to work together contact me at rickyhoconcepts@gmail.com