Looking to license high res jpgs of characters for indie book cover


Hi guys! I’m a freelance book cover artist who works primarily with self published authors. I have one Sci Fi author who writes about 10 novels a year and they’re usually about battle droids/ space marines, and things of that nature. We’ve tapped out the major stock sites for great front cover characters and are trying to touch base with some artists directly to license. We don’t need exclusive characters or anything, just looking to license high rez jpgs of characters as each book pops up, as one would license stock photography. They’d be used for ebook, print copies and promotional material.
Right now we’re looking for a cool space marine that we haven’t previously used before. I’d love to have someone or a couple artists with portfolios I could shop for images with my author on a regular basis. Our budget is around $30 per license.

Thank you!