Looking to buy a new Mobile Phone, any suggestions?


Hey there, sorry if the thread is a little OT for this forum.
Its been ages since i first bought my Nokia 3330, and the technology has gone wild since then. Now i’m thinking about buying a new mobile phone, but all the models out there cause me dizziness.
Anyway, what i’m looking for is something with a lot of gadgets on, big screen, i wouldn’t say no to an e-pen, and of course support for plenty of downloadable games and sounds.
Any suggestions?


Whoa, way OT :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this one, you might even run some 3d things on it :stuck_out_tongue:



Id suggest the Sony Ericsson P900 or the upcoming P910. Not only does it run alot of softwares, you can watch .avi and play ya mp3s from it.


It depends what service you’re with as to which phones will be available to you.
Verizon has the best coverage in the US bar none, but their phones are a little light on the coolness factor.

Sprint and Cingular have much cooler phones like the Sony Ericssons but their coverage is limited if you don’t live in a medium to big city.

T Mobile has the best international plans and are supporting free video messaging with a lot of their phones, but their coverage in the US is probably one of the weakest unless you’re in a big city.

If you’re looking for bells and whistles, go with something with Bluetooth. That way, if you have a Laptop or PDA with Bluetooth, you can get online with it anywhere as long as you’re within your phones coverage area. Its only going to be around a 14.4 connection but its still pretty cool. Bluetooth will also allow you to use a wireless headset if you ever wanted to as well as wirelessly sync to other Bluetooth enabled computers and phones.

If you want even more, you can always go with a PDA Phone like the PalmOne Treo 600. It combines the best features of both into one device plus a SD memory card slot for storing, viewing, and transfering documents.

Regardless of what service you have, you need to ask which phones are All-Digital and which are Tri/Dual Mode. All-Digital phones ONLY recieve a digital signal. They are great for large citys, but digital coverage in small to mid size cities is spotty. I tried an All-Digital phone, the Verizon LG 4500, in my small - medium size city and it worked everywhere except the downstairs of my house.

Tri/Dual Mode phones on the other hand, recieve digital signals, but if theres not a digital signal, they will recieve analog signals as well, so coverage is better.

In 3 or 4 years all cellular signals will be digital, but they’re in a transition period now while they are all switching to digital, so theres still places that are analog only. Unfortunatly, the newer phones with all the cool features are most likely going to be digital, so you may want to ask other people on your service how their coverage and drop rate are in your area and see if they’re using All-Digital or Tri-Mode phones.

I finally decided on Verizon’s Tri-Mode Audiovox 8900 myself. It recieves a signal everywhere I’ve ever gone. It has a camera, speakerphone, external caller id screen which doubles as a external viewfinder when using the camera, and I like it because the buttons are pretty big and the earpiece speaker is very loud and clear. And even though I’ve never gotten them, I can download games, ringtones, and pictures, and get email, IM’s and the web as well.


lookie lookie! Samsung SGH-S200. It’s hot, it’s less than 4 inches long folded and under an inch thick. it has two color screens, and did I mention it’s hot?

cons: not yet compatible with any major carriers, so you can’t download tones or pictures or use wireless internet stuff, but it should be being introduced in the states soon. Until then, patience!

here’s the red model, the one I have:


The only thing I can offer in terms of a new mobile phone is to take a good, hard look at the features you’ll use. Too many times I’ve seen people with the lastest phones and paid dearly for it. They don’t even end up using half of the features they paid for!

With that said, if you use e-mail a lot and can’t live without it then I’d recommend the Sidekick or something similar with a QWERTY keyboard like a Blackberry. I tried the regular mobile phones and tried e-mailing through them extensively and it would take me forever. It annoyed me so much that I would wait to get home before replying back. With my Sidekick I can SSH/Telnet into my web server, use AIM efficiently, and browse the net in full color. Most importantly it retrieves my e-mail every 5 min. Plus the fact that everytime I flip my phone open, people always ask to see it…especially nice, beautiful women… :wink:

I’m looking into the new i930 from Nextel. I think it runs Pocket PC 2003 on it which is pretty neat. The design is pretty awesome too. If I find a link, I’ll put it up.


Are you people in the states still doing that weird seperate texting device thingy?


Another factor that may be important is which network to go with…

a friend of mine recently got the same phone as me (se k700i) but on a vodafone contract and found that some of the more useful features had been removed from the phone due to vodafone installing there own firmware which cannot be overwritten!

it’s probably worth checking some phone forums such as the ones on www.mobile9.com to see what problems people have encountered before deciding on a network or phone.

the k700 is a really good phone by the way if you want a regular looking phone, or if you’re looking for a phone with more advanced PDA features you might want to look at the new sony ericsson p910 - it looks pretty good.


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