Looking to buy a laptop


Hey guys im going on vacation this year but i want to bring a laptop with me. I’m looking to buy a laptop that is around $1000. I will be using it everyday with Maya and Photoshop. Any suggestions would be great.(Oh and im looking to get a PC not a Mac, all my applications i have bought for PC)


Well on a laptop doing anything like Maya, you want at least a dedicated graphics card, meaning you have to spend at least $1200 on the laptop, as most laptops dont come in something powerful enough at the $1000 price point. $1500 is likely going to be the middle range of your prices currently. $1800 or so being the upper end.


Thx… What do u think of the ATI’s Radeon X300. Would that be a good card for what im looking to use ti for.


Thats pretty low end, even in terms of video games. You could do some simple modelling and animation on one, assuming Maya doesnt have a fit with the card. But dont expect spectacular, or even fluidly moving UI.

If your models are fairly low poly… there’s a chance (again assuming Maya doesn’t crap out on you :stuck_out_tongue: with that ATI card)


Thx for all the help so far. What medium range card should i be looking for in a laptop.


I am also interested in some info here aswell since I am looking into buying a laptop for maya. I am just curious if I can save some cash since I don’t do modelling, only animation. I don’t need the top of the line laptop since I don’t have an employer just yet.

If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it, I am thinking of spending around $2000.


$2000 can get you a fairly decent laptop actually. Thats the high end of the midrange laptops, so your options should be fairly nice. If you wait a while for prices to settle on the Core Duo laptops with a mid range Geforce (probably with the 7600 or so) that should work out quite nicely.

It may also be worth it to wait until june (if you can) to see how AMD’s Turion X2 fares, as it should provide better performance as a dual core CPU. And will bring good rendering ability to the table, since you’ll be doing work on this thing, might as well get something that can render quickly and handle some animation.

Medium range video cards in a laptop that will be friendly with Maya may be a little tricky. I’d suggest (even if you’re not going to buy one) that you talk to Ed over at Boxx and see what kinds of things he recommends. He might could give a better picture on the state of things when it comes to 3D animation on the laptop.


drop me an email or call. i’d be happy to try and help.


Thanks Lots, I will definitly drop Ed a line right after I post this. I appreciate your help :slight_smile:


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