Looking for voice actors for a short animation


Hello Everyone.

I am a student of animation at my second year, our assignment is to create a short animation related to a video game, and I am looking for two voice actors to record voices for two of my characters.

This is purely voluntary, and the actors name and optionally a website address will appear on the end credits, the film will also be available for download on the internet.

Some information about the animation:


While fleeing from the ghosts, Pacman discovers that a ganja hut has been built over the power pill in his maze, he is confronted by a stoned rastafari salesman.


Pacman – the basic game character, only with arms and legs

Ghosts – the ghosts from the game, four of them in different colors

Leo – the rastafari salesman, Jamaican accent

Both Pacman and Leo have 6 lines of speech each but Leo’s dialouge is longer.

I’d need someone that can do a stereotypic Jamaican accent, either real or fake for Leo, as for Pacman, practicaly anything will do, I have a mental picture of something like a Woody Allen voice for him in mind.

Only other requirement is that the voice actor will be technically able to record voice in an acceptable quality, with minimum distortions.

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail at roylazarovich@gmail.com and include a small sample of your voice.

I thank you in advance for helping me out, and am positive this will be a fun experience, the finished animation will be posted on CGTalk crediting the voice actors.


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