looking for tutorial


hi all, i started xsi and deep paint 3d, but i cant find eny tutorials for deep paint.

Can enyone help?


The tutorials that come with Deep Paint are a quick way to learn the basics of the program.


I know you’re looking for beginners tutorials, but I thought I should share my thoughts, as I recently finished my demo reel using the same combo of XSI and Deep UV.
I found it faster to take care of your projections and break up your UVs in XSI. It’s really fast and intuitive. Make sure everything is laid out, but don’t spend time worrying if there is stretching, just make sure its untangled reasonable well, and broken up into sections that make sense. Then export the model, and simply use deep UV for its Relax UVs and Pack All functions. That way all the UVs are proportional to their corresponding polygons. I wouldn’t go in and start pushing UV points around in Deep though… too slow for me at least.

Hmm, lets see if I can say “UV” a few more times…

Here are some UVs as an example.


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