Looking for Teams? Biologists, 3D Artists, Sound, FX, Directors... UNITE here!


Post here if you’d like to start a team or join a team to better tackle the autoPACK Visualization Challenge: HIV in Blood Serum!

Due to the ever increasing complexity of the HIV in Blood Serum models and the complexity :shrug: of the biological subject matter, a team could really benefit from having a biologist on board as a content expert. You can expect a wave of Biologists to join the contest by the end of January when we make some third party announcements and release the molecular viewer versions of autoPACK. Biologists, of course, will also seek to work with artists:arteest: if they want to expand beyond the molecular-viewer-restricted category of the contest.

In addition, we will post detailed explanations of the model and its importance in Biology in the coming week.

Remember an individual can enter alone, or as part of a team, up to 3 times in each category.

We strongly encourage participants to customize the models to make editorial statements. We are making this process easier every week customize-cellpack-models so although autoPACK provides starting models, modelers and animators can be a valuable addition to your team. Of course, for the video category, sound design and visual effects could go a long way.

You make your own contracts to divvy up the prizes. :deal:


Hello there!
I’m a Cinema 4D expert looking to team up with competent biologist for HIV Blood Serum contest entry. There are only 6 weeks left and lots of work to do.

Biologist will need to come up with story line or MOA and storyboard asap. If you have 3D experience that would be a plus. I can do the rest. Graham posted a video link to a wonderful work done for BBC called Our Secret Universe. This is the look I intend to approximate, given what time is available. So if you have a short MOA in mind and it fits the above mentioned video, please post in this thread, private message me, or email me at arik (at) scientiaviz.com.

Graham also mentioned something about new research into using blood serum antibodies to fight HIV. Might a good place to start. What do you think?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Arik Thuesen

edit: It’s been a week and no takers. Time to move onto plan B.


I’ll try hard to get some biologists to visit by the end of the week!


Thanks for all your efforts, Graham!