Looking for Talented 3D Max Character Animators for TV and Film Projects...


We’re a virtual studio that is doing several television and film projects.
We need to find more talented character animators for some of our projects.
We are ONLY looking for animators with great acting ability and strong character animation reels.
We are NOT looking to train anyone right now.

Experience is not required…just a great reel.
If you have an online reel we can see…please let us know.
Please email us at thesavas@sbcglobal.net


dont be so sneaky, the crowd wants to know more about your company, where are you situated for example? :slight_smile:


Ha ha…

Sorry…I figured most of the info was on the site…and I’m lazy :slight_smile:

We’re a small studio with all freelancers. We’ve been doing tv and film and game work for about 5 years like this…
It’s a good model as it keeps costs down…and let’s the artists for the most part get more money.
Currently we’re doing a television series for the Kids WB which we need help on. We’re just finishing up three commercials and have been asked to do 6 more from the same client. We’re finishing up the cinematics for the Predator video game from Vivendi.

And lastly…we have another television show which we will own that is going into production in a few weeks.

I’d like to bring on talented animators who have Character Studio experience and are great actors. All of the work we do is trying to aim for the Pixar type of quality in animation. So we’re looking for great animators of course.

If you watch our reel…you’ll see some scenes from a project we did with Disney…it has a pigeon and a chameleon and a hippo.
That is the style we are getting mostly.
Alot of character animation…high quality.

We pay per second…the rate is usually $100/second of animation…though depending on budget…we are sometimes asked to go as low as $25/second.
We’ve had the same artists working for us for as long as 3 years now and I’d be more than happy to have any new animators talk to them privately to see if we’re a fun company to work with.

Again…we’re just a small band of animators with VERY good connections here in LA.
We get ALOT of fun jobs with Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Brothers, Vivendi/Universal, Cartoon Network…and much more.

I hope this answers questions.


I worked for Scott on a project last year, he`s a great guy to work with, easy going and he knew what he wanted…also he always paid on time, with zero hassel!



Hi Steve!

Thanks for the referral.
How are things in Canada? How’s the movie?


Hey Scott,

Things are good in Canada, Im done working on the movie and Im back in Montreal working at Ubisoft on the Prince of Persia team as a Character animator.



Thank you to all who’ve submitted.

We’re closing this job for now as we’ve found several talented artists.

I will try to get replies out this weekend to each email if possible.


wish i had a reel ready for this , you guys have an awesome style.


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