looking for some help with normal map cleanup



I was just wondering if anyone out there could help with a workflow that would help me cleanup normal maps inside of photoshop. I have these jagged lines on the normal map in photoshop and they unfortunately appear visible when the map is applied in maya.

Whats the best way to fix this? Most of the areas with this lines are supposed to be smooth and rounded areas so I’m guessing there should be some type of natural gradient/ramp effect that transitions between the blue and purple colors but I’m not sure. Any help would be appreciated.


Not sure if this will be in help for fixing your normal maps in Photoshop, but take at look at CrazyBump software as it is the best choice for generating normal maps.


Crazybump is only for converting photos and texture maps to a normal map. This is a fake, anf has nothing todo with map baking.

Jaggies in baking normal maps come from ray misses between the low poly and hi poly. B3st fix is increasing the resolution of the low poly so that it makes a closer fit to the source geo.

Otherwise, cleanup in photoshop just means going in and hand painting out the errors.


Of couse CrazyBump is not for normal baking, but for generating normal maps from diffuse maps. And for some cases like brick-works it is a perfect tool for the environment artists.


Yea I’m making a sniper rifle and am trying to keep everything as just one 2048 by 2048 texture map. I’ll go in there and try some hand painting to see if its doable without being destructive to the map. Thanks for help!


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