Looking for Samir from Navié Effex


I’m a bit hesitant to post this here, but there is growing concern among users of Navié Effex that Samir Kharchi, the creator/ owner of Navié, has been out of touch for at least a couple of months now. He’s been absent from the Effex forums, which is unusual over such a long stretch, but even more unusual is that he is not responding to direct emails, where he usually responds within a day or two. I’m just putting this out there in case anyone here has heard anything and might be able to shed some light on this.

I am hoping that he’s just taking a break or something, in which case I sincerely apologize in advance for creating any undue concern or negative impressions of his great products. If anyone knows anything please let us know; hopefully I am just overreacting.


I don’t think you have to worry about Samir. Maybe he is just doing something else right now.

did you try giving him a call? his contact details, along with his phone number, are available from his website, as are those of any legitimate developer.



I have Samir’s contact information; I’ve been in fairly regular contact with him via email for several years now. Of course the most likely scenario is that he is just busy with other things; it’s just a bit strange for him to go completely off the radar for a few months without a word.


did he ever get back to you?


Unfortunately not. Myself and a few others from the Navié forum have tried to contact him with no luck. It’s now been about 3.5 months since his last post there, with no mention of taking a break, etc.


Hmm… well I hope that all is well. I worked with Samir on a project last year.



did you try just calling him, on the phone?



Yes, myself and a few others from the Effex forum have called him but the line just rings with no answer.


For those who might be wondering, it has now been about 5 months since anyone in the Navié Effex forums has heard from Samir Kharchi. Several of us have tried every conceivable way of contacting him, with no response. If anyone has any information that they could share, it would be greatly appreciated.



[Redacted, as we now know what happened.]


I did some online searches along these lines and didn’t find anything, but it was also hard to tell if I was looking in the right places. I fear you are right though; nothing else makes any sense at this point.


If something has happened to him, that is terrible news. Lets hope it’s just an illness or personal issue, rather than anything more terminal – but the lack of communication is worrying.


Site, forum were gone as Samir :argh:
http://www.fluidsimulation.de or http://www.dpit2.de are not open
There were wonderful tools.


[Redacted, as we now know what happened.]

Makes me seriously think about maintaining a document of 'If I end up in the hospital, please contact these people I’m currently working with…"


Or he just wasn’t profitable in the business and jumped out 100%, which seems the mostly likely.

I doubt we’ll ever know.


Yeah hopefully he’s OK. Better that he just was losing money and hung it up but you’d think in that case he’d say farewell and thanks for the memories.


If the guy was spending a lot of time supporting existing customers…without getting new ones…I could see why he might choose to just disappear from the community.

His product was competing against xParticles, and integration of Houdini and RealFlow. It’s hard for me to imagine that his sales were going strong.


[Redacted, as we now know what happened.]


Another possibility is that maybe he got bought out completely. I just found some info on Effex 2.7 and it looks like he completely de-coupled his code base from C4D. Which means it could now be integrated into any application. So its possible that another company may have approached him and just did a complete buy out of his technology.

This is from a cached google page of this site: “Effex has been divided into a completely decoupled CORE library and the plugin Effex for C4D. This safeguards Effex against any future changes to the Cinema 4D API and is a strong investment into future development possibilities.”


Sure, this was one of the more positive “theories” that have been discussed among the beta testers (like myself) on his forum. But… the plugin store page was still up all this time and that would not have made sense in this case. Also, no answers whatsoever by email or phone.