Looking for ref: Tarrasque?


Hey everybody,

I’m looking to model the Tarrasque, I have one drawing of it that appears in the D&D Monster Manual third edition. But I’ve hear that there’s an earlier illustration of the character that is really spectacular.

I’m hoping someone can help me out. I’m looking for a painting by Tony diterlizzi of the Tarrasque. for the D&D monsters manual second edition.

I figure there must be some D&D enthusiasts among the CGTALK ranks. So if anyone has a link to the painting, or could scan it or something, you’d be saving my butt.

Thanks for any help you can give,



google found some ok pictures… I’m not sure if any of it is exactly what you’re after. I tried advanced image search but most attempts to get better results got no results, hehe. Good luck, I really like the tarrasque. I always liked its picture in the monster manual.


woot! Model that!


That’s the one I have in my book, Thanks for the reply though…

I too tried a multidtude of search engines, none of the results were very satisfying.

If worse comes to worse and I can’t find the pic I want, I’ll be modeling that.



This is a gallery of the 2nd Edition Monster Manual. The Terrasque might be there under a different name.


Hey Tim,

Thanks for the link, I check the archives and your link and couldn’t find the pic, but thanks again for checking.

The painting looks something like this (this is someone’s trace of it):

Again, i’d much appreciate any help.



Fraid that link was for Monster Manual 2 third edition, and not the 2nd Edition.

The 2nd edition was owned by TSR, which was bought out by Wizards of the Coast. All the 2nd edition manuals aren’t in print and you are unlikely to find them publicly online.

I have a first edition MM 2 with a picture in it if you want, but it isn’t that hot.

My brother, who does work for CODI (they make custom Planescape content for NWN) can’t recall seeing the 2nd edition of the Ditterlizi Tarrasque picture online.



You have a pic? Awesome! Is there any chance you can scan it and mail it to me? or I can give you a place to upload it to?

I’ve been bumming around book stores trying to find the book (My buddy gave my his third edition), but the second edition is nowhere to be found.

Yeah, I can’t find the ditterlizi painting anywhere.



OK, will do.

Just to clarify, I have the 1ST edition pic, not the 2nd edition. It is only a black and white line drawing I’m afraid.

I’ll send it anyway, but I’m doing some last minute work on my Expose entry at the moment, so it will have to wait until next week if that is OK.


alright, that’s great…thanks for the help ordibble
Any art is good.



Hey Kwak

I tried emailing you through CGtalk and it bounced and your PM box is full.

If you still want the pic can you PM me with an email address or server I can upload to?


i’m currently moddeling the tarrasque in C4D :thumbsup:


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