Looking for Pixel Art artist to finish a FTL like game.


Hello everyone,
My name is Alex (aka Spektor)

I would like to introduce to you my game called Tachyon.
This game was initially supposed to be a multiplayer version of FTL: Faster than light.
You can watch the game trailer here

Here are some of the features in the game:

[li]The player controls 1 character and plays as a crew member on a ship.
[/li][li]In a coop game all players take on their separate roles: piloting, shooting, repairing, etc.
[/li][li]All ship systems have an interactive screen.
[/li][li]If you want you can play alone and manage all the ship systems on your own.
[/li][li]You can have NPC crew members that can work as repair men on your ship.
[/li][li]Players can have their own separate ships and can go their separate ways.
[/li][li]You can fight AI ships or have some PVP action.
[/li][li]You can trade with trader ships and stations to buy new systems(or you can just blow them up and loot their corpses :D).
[/li][li]You can get yourself a space station and establish a base of opperations.
[/li][li]Navigate hundreds of sectors in galaxy.
[/li][li]Game is very modable. You can change/add your own random events, quests, storylines, ships, systems, weapons, projectiles, explosions/sfx, sounds.
[/li][li]Also you can tweak lots of the game mechanic parameters like how much damage does a mob take when he runs out of oxygen, or how long does a ship stay in hyperspace when it jumps to another sector and so on.
[/li][li]Currently in the latest version of the game(a0.7) all the events are configured for a coop/singleplayer scenario game.(Not an MMO style open world server like it was in version a0.5). But with a little time spent, the events can be reconfigured for an openworld server.

You can download the latest version of the game here

Right now I have finished the core game mechanics that I wanted to have in the first version of the game,
with which I would publish it on Steam Greenlight.
But, as it often is, being a programmer I’m really not that good at making game art.
All I was able to do is create some sprites by combining bits and pieces of images from other games.(Mostly from FTL and it’s mods).
And as it turned out, this is still considered using someone else’s IP. So I can’t go for Greenlight with them.

Thus I am now searching for a good Pixel art artist that would be willing to join the project till it’s end, and draw all the necesarry art for it.
Even though initially I wanted my game to look exactly like FTL, I now understand that this is not going to happen.
So I decided that since all the art has to be drawn from scratch, then I want it to be and look different.
I am planning to converting the whole space theme to an underawter one.
So instead of spaceships I will have submarines, and so on.
All the game mechanics would still be very similar, so why not give it a shot.

Being a one man developer, I have no means of paying a professional artist.

So I am offering one of 3 choices:

  1. Work for free and have a cool game in your artist portfolio.
    This option is for people that are just interested in gaining some experience and are not willing to dedicate too much time to the project.
  2. Payment after release.
    We discuss the amount of art that needs to be drawn and decide on the price of the work.
    Then, when the game is out, as soon as it starts bringing any income, first of all it goes to pay you off.
    This approach requires a bit more dedication from you.
  3. Revenue share
    We agree on the percentage of the revenue that you will recieve from the game sales.
    This approach requires the most time dedication from you.

Please contact me:
Skype: kcd.Spektor
E-mail: kcd.Spektor@gmail.com