Looking for my next learning resource


Hi there!

I started learning maya about one year ago. I used the digital tutors introduction to maya trainings. After spending hours and hours in it, i finally finished it. After that training, i figured out that i want to specialize in rigging. So, i watched the introduction to rigging training from DT. After all, i worked through other rigging trainings like jason schleifers and fahrenheit digitals (i didn’t complete them because at a point i was like “hm thats tooo hard for me now, i rather go back and learn more before completing them”). I would say I’m a beginner - intermediate rigger with a good understanding of the basics.
Looking for more training for my level, i went back to DT. After an hour watching the rigging trainings, I stopped it. I guess i just have a to good understanding of the basics now to get confortable with those trainings. I now have found few options to go for, CGsociety, gnomon, 3dbuzz.
I don’t know how gnomom is and i unfortunatly can’t find CGsociety self training courses for rigging. 3dbuzz i’ve heard are really good.
So, i’m really struggling to find good learning resources for my level. Riggingdojo is great, but i can’t join there classes before 2012 :(.

Maybe you guys can tell me resources i don’t know, for my level?
I’m the kind of student who likes workshop and industry based training, but it’s not a must.

Thanks a lot!


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