Looking for Lightwave demo



I’m a new user of 3d programs. Since I’ve seen some really need stuff that has been made with Lightwave I would like to try out a demo or so so my question is. Does any body know were I can download a Demo of one of the newest versions.
Or maybe a full version.
To make things clear I’ll Not use the program for making money I’m a total newbie and it;s just a small hoby.
Since I’m a student I can’t affort a legal version.

well thanks in advantage.

in CG Talk Community > 3D Animation > 3ds max >
is a poll about it

Link --> http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2109

I hope the link works:wavey:


Usually the best place to make a request for a demo is directly to the company that produces the application. Try Newtek for the Lightwave demo.


I didn’t know newtek was the company who makes lightwave.
well I checked their page
and I found only stuff to buy.
Nothing about a demo. or so.




Thanks for your link

I had visisted the www.newtek.com website. and it wasn’t there.
But now I ordered it . Thanks


But what if you live in US?


Ya, Is there any way you can get the demo if you live in US? I have checked www.newtek.com but couldn’ find anything?
Please help


on the non europe website there is no demo to be found but I think when you mail them they can sent you a demo.
It’;s a bit weard that in Europe you can get a free demo but not in the US! Well Good luck in mailing them.

maybe it has something to do with a license or so.


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