Looking for Keith Young / Riptide Pro


Going through the annual process of updating plugins and haven’t heard back from Keith Young via my requests for a new serial for Riptide Pro.

I know c4d now has more robust obj tools, but riptide still offers some nice features.

Anyone know if he’s still around? Have you received your updated serials from him by any chance?


Same thing here. I have used it for years because I have not found anything nearly as good. The current version does not work on R19, even with a demo account. At $50.00, I would even pay again.



I checked my mail and had new serials in april 2017 so I think he is still around.

I got an email from: typhoon at jetbroadband.com
So I hope you’ll can contact hem there?




Thanks odo

Yep thats the same email I’ve tried (a few times now)

Will keep trying



Got my license keys in September. Took a couple days to hear back from Keith.


bought morph mill 2 days ago, wrote him a mail and he responded within a couple of hours…


Guess he doesnt like me :slight_smile:

Tried a few different times with different emails.

Thanks–II’l keep trying…


Have you checked your spam folders? Maybe his responses are being incorrectly flagged?


You’re not alone, Joel. Seems like I’m on his ignore list too. I’ll keep trying and update here once he reverts.

Update: I’ve just heard back from Keith with my r19 serial. He’s well but been delayed by some personal issues. So for everyone still waiting do extend your patience, I’m sure he’s doing his best to respond ASAP.


I purchased I/Ogre license from spanki’s prop shop and have not received any response at all, I mailed him twice since yesterday. Does anyone know where else I could contactKeith Young?