Looking for groups.




Hi, I’m sorry if this has been asked before but I’ve been trawling the forums and can’t find an official answer.

What is the resolution we should work to for video entries? And is there an Instructions page? (not FAQ or T&Cs).

I’m assuming there is no point working in HD since the system only accepts SD upload? (read it somewhere in forums)



Hi, I can compose music for a video. If you are interested let me know!
You can find samples of my work here:


hello everyone, i’m looking for a sound designer to work with me ate Dreamscape Chalenge.
If you have interest, contact me at brunovt@gmail.com.

my entrie = http://challenge.cgsociety.org/dreamscape/entry/brunothurner/


Hello. I represent the team "The Librarian"in the category Team Video. We’ve posted regularly on our progress on the forum, and we fully expect to finish the video for the March 2 post (today) as provided in the instructions of the competition. Now we want to post our video, and can no longer because there is marked “Entries Closed”. We are really sorry for this request, but would like to know if it was possible that you accept our video that we finished on time but we can no longer get online.



Looking for a group as well. My skills are in lighting and compositing as well as some hard surface modeling in Maya.


Hey all…
I am looking for a character designer for my fantasy short film. Here are some facts about the job:

  • the film will be between 10-14 minutes long
  • design will be something like realistic toon
  • screenplay is final

For your work you will get:

  • your name in the end-credits on a single board with your name and title
  • your name at film-festivals around the world.
  • a short film reference for your CV or resumé and may IMDB

Your task:

  • a female fire mage (child 4-6 years, teenage 10-14 years, adult 25+)
  • a mysterious, sneaking male head underneath a heavy leather cloak coat
  • a gnome / fairy / demon or whatever
  • a dwarf lord
  • 1+n dwarf(s) in armor
  • 1+n dwarf(s) in a tavern (drunkard dwarfs)
  • a Ogre lord
  • 1+n Ogre(s) in armor
  • a dragon head with undetailed body

About me:

  • I am a 3d technical director at MotionWorks GmbH in Halle S. (Germany). The company will not be involved in the production of this film, this is a private project.
  • 4 years of work experience in diverse CGI film production.
  • This short film is very important to me and I have spent 3 months in its development. During this time, the script has been reviewed by other filmmakers and test audience. At the moment i’m looking for modeling references and for you!

Please send me a PM if you want to have more detailed informations on this short film and your task.


I tried sending you a PM, but I couldn’t. Do you have any other way to contact? I am a character designer. I was thinking you could give me some details and I would design one. If you like it, we can talk more. Let me know.



I had the same problem. I can’t send a PM or an e-mail.
So here is my mail adress: webmaster (at) eis-heis.de (please remove the \ before sending a message :slight_smile: )