Looking for groups.


Post here if you want to find like-minded CGTalkers to help you in your Challenge-quest.


CGS Chicago Member looking for a CG Challenge team in Chicago

          Hi, I'm creating this discussion in the hopes of finding some artists that would like to bring a CG Challenge Win to the windy city and get all of the exposure that comes from wining such a challenge. 

My strengths are in Lighting, Shaders, UV Mapping, Rendering and Compositing, check out my work here www.shaderrooster.com.

I am looking for pretty good artists from the city that are:

2D Concept/Matte Painter
3D Character, Creature Modeler/Zbrush artist
Texture artist

So far we are three, but essentially a team of 5 would be enough. The team members should be in the city of chicago and be available to actually be able to attend production meetings, to keep the project moving forward.

Alright, let me know who’s interested.


Hello Everyone.

My name is Colin, and i am looking to join and work as sound designer for a professional team in this challenge. I want to bring a sense of realism to the exciting worlds that the team creates.

My skills include:
Sound Design
ADR Voice Overs
Audio Mixing

After reading about the script/idea, storyboards, i will go into the field and collect all of the needed sounds to build a realistic world of sound. Then i will mix them together from ambiences, small and large sound effects, foley and any voice work that may be needed to recorded. To get amazing sound you shouldn’t wait to the last minute, and ask someone to throw something together. Lets start it off right and get it sounding amazing.

I understand about the tough deadlines, and hope everyone finishes their productions. But would I would like to join a group that wants to succeed, and go above the call of duty.

George Lucas once said “The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” I believe this and want to give a team the extra polish and shine, you may be looking for.

Colin Heath



if you are interested, just post a comment on our thread!


I would really like to get involved in this project.
I’m very enthusiastic about working with a others, and to be honest i have alot of time on my hands right now, so that’s alot of time i can dedicate to the project.

Here is my portfolio, currently running on a free host. Which i hope to remedy soon. Do you know of any good hosts?
and my blogger http://pearsephillips.blogspot.com/

So, please give me a jiggle via PM or email mxdirector@googlemail.com

Looking froward to your reply.


I’m a composer available if your interested. Work will be done for no fee. You can go here if you would like to hear examples of my work.

Steve Ballard


This forum was recommended by a fellow sound designer as a place full of interesting visual projects that might need sound. I’m floored by the creativity on display, to say the least!

   I'm just putting in a placeholder post here to say that I'm looking for projects that need custom sound work.  I'm pretty open when it comes to genre, so no real limitations there.  I can provide foley, sound effects, and ambient sound beds.  Although I do write music, I'm not offering that service here as I'd like to focus on effects work.
   As far as my qualifications:  I run a website where I produce sound design tutorials for Ableton Live music producers.  I won't link to the site here since this isn't about promoting a commercial product.  I'm happy to link you to the site via PM, though.   I also have an ever-developing sound design portfolio at [nickmaxwell.net](http://www.nickmaxwell.net).  
   Thanks for reading!
   - Nick


edit… withdrawn from the competition, not enough time to dedicate to the project :frowning:


Animators, Animators, Animators…

Preferably with experience in quadruped, (basically dogs)

we are here



Mattchu here! http://www.mattchu.media.officelive.com

My music alias is “Surge” and I have been producing music since 2003. I have compiled together 3 albums, took part in the FiXT Remix contest (www.fixtremix.com) and came up with plenty of singles to provide for clients. In addition, I love to design 3D environments. Some of my work is currently posted in a blog for a “Dodge” project I’m doing for school (http://dodgeblog.wordpress.com).

I have an idea to help promote an indie artist by doing a music video of one of his songs, using Maya to create the cityscape and the B-object that will cause the ruckus.

I may require assistance from:

  • A rigger & animator
  • A video effects expert


I live right outside of Chicago! I would love to join you guys, but I’m always on the move. Plus I’m still learning, but I wouldnt mind following your progress. Whats your topic?


hey greg,

i sent you a pm

let me know your thoughts


Hey Osky,

I sent you an Email..I dont know if you got it or not. But I would like to see what you guys are working on so far. Im busy doing a Video and working on a future image right now..but I'll be glad to join some hometown folks.




Hey everyone!
Renderman TD (or artist,dunno what’s better^^) would be happy to join your team!PM me if interested.Thanks!


Hi everyone,

This is Nik. I’ve joined the CG Challenge and I’m now on a quest for some good lighting artists & texture artists for this 12 seconds fight sequence…

Its a clash between the 2 hero characters Willa & the ghoul.


I’m aiming for a dooms day look at feel for the lighting & environment. Suggestions are welcome… I’m working on the effects on my end at the moment.

Please feel free to get in touch!




Hey everyone! I’m somewhat new to CG Society. I’m interested in being a part in challenges like this and I have some skills that I think will bring a lot to the table. I don’t know if you are still accepting any more artists on your project(s), but I am extremely interested.

My skills include:

Concept Design
Character Design
Maya 3D modeling and animation
Digital painting.

I hope to hear from you soon.



I have been having a lot of issues posting video. Tried different file types and codecs, even tried explorer, firefox and chrome with no luck. I was finally able to upload when I dropped the video size down to 720x480. I know there are some others that are having issues, so hopefully that helps. I haven’t been able to get any 720 or 1080 videos posted. If I do I’ll share what I figured out. As of now it seems like HD upload is broken, for me at least.


Which is the number limit of the team members , for the contest.

please admin , send me a Private message .

Thanks you!


good luck to all


Animator looking for group preferably in the UK

My skills include:

3D Studio max
Mocap clean up

showreel is here: http://vimeo.com/11804676

PM me cheers!