Looking for group thread


If you would like to compete as part of a group but don’t know anyone to join with please post here.

Include description of your talents and an external link to examples of your work.

Once you have found a group to work with, please edit your original post and make note of it so others know you are no longer visible.


Hi There,

I’m looking for a group that we can work together well.

I’m student in Istanbul Technical University, Urban and Region Planning and working in a Information Technologies Studio as a 3d Artist.

I would like to join a group that I can push my limits and create more creative results. I cannot put any link because of the technical problems but ıf there will be any person who will interest, I will post my works as a another temporary link.

Thank You and good luck everybody…:thumbsup:

(I’m editing my entry because of some advices :slight_smile: I put a link which has small part of my portfolio
www.ted94.com/cenkportfolio so keep in touch)


hey, i am a video effects artist, trying anyway :wink: lol but i can edit/touch up video pretty well,add sound/ sfx, voice overs w.e, i work mostly with video game movies, never done anything like this before. im me on aim @ M3Th0dZ 8o5 or email me at sykmethodz@gmail.com if your interested. (P.S. I HAVE a year or 2 of max under my belt, amature but i can keyframe also) thx!!.


HELLO! i really wanna do this challenge, this would be my first!! yay!, but i dont know how to model/animate characters, i can do basic modeling, pretty good at scenic modeling, but not character modeling, i can do basic key fram animation nothing special, but i can compose! i am a video effecects artist, i have about 3 years experiance with video editing and composition, anybody looking whos willing to give it a go please IM(aim) = M3Th0dZ 8o5 or EMAIL sykmethodz@gmail.com if not i’ll try solo! thx guys


I am a technical director/character rigger possibly looking for a group? I can model, animate, and rig characters. My main focus is rigging and muscle systems. I also do a little bit of particle effects with compositing. My website is listed below with some work. Oh, and my main programs are Maya and Combustion - but I also have a few others I can work with.

website: http://www.3dcooper.com
email: snarezmedallion@gmail.com :bounce:

-Chase Cooper


Hello, all!

My modeling, shooting, and animating skills are not yet up to a trailer: I’ll be entering a 3D still, though.

I am looking to work with a team as any or all of these positions:

  • Editor - Final Cut Pro
  • Effects /Composite - Discreet Combustion
  • Sound - Sound design, voiceover (I have a VERY talented actor pool here), ADR, mixdown (5.1 and Stereo)
  • Score - In the grand, symphonic tradition of John Williams, with electronica if desired

My demo reel and films I’ve worked on before are all at my website:

Contact me if you’re interested: bish@ceridwenproductions.com


hey this is mrn and i would like to help with this contest and i know its a big one so any ways
i did the hardcore frenkenstein challeng with yecaray i can do modeling and a bit of animations i have workied on befor its the only thing im used to



Hi there.

I’ve been lurking around here for a couple of years now, and I’m nowhere near good enough in 3D to participate in a challenge yet. However I think it would be great to work with someone in a team as I’m fairly experienced in soundediting and effects. I curently do most of my work in Steinberg Nuendo or ProTools. I also have done alot of video editing mainly in Premiere and Sony Vegas.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



double post


Hey everyone,
Myself and some other members have put together a team at the C4D Cafe to enter the Eon Challenge-trailer portion. We use Cinema 4D. We have some skilled modelers/texturers, but as we’ve found out, no Character Animators. You can view the thread regarding the challenge here - http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/index.php?showtopic=16526 We’re still in pre-production so you’ll have input for the story/script. Any help is appreciated. If you’re interested, leave a note in thread, PM me, or email me at -



hey im tatow i would be pleased to help with this progect just tell me what i can do


I’m originally an architect, have skills in modeling environments in editpoly, or Cars, spaceships and so. I hope I can help someone in someway.
Best of luck to you all !! here’s some works of mine, www.cv.menbr.com

I’ve joined Ricardo Graces now … Best of luck to you all ! If there’s anyone who wants to participate and aid us, it’ll be just great !! Contact me soon.


This post is no more actual.Thanks.

Hi, I failed in looking for someone of mine friends to join this challenge with me, so I offer my help here. Iam quite versatile, I can do concepts of anything, storyboard, 3D models, textures or simpler animations. Here is my portfolio www.zdeneksasek.com (I’m mostly working as freelance concept artist or illustrator, so this website contains mostly my 2d works.).

 Feel free to contact me at [email="http://forums.cgsociety.org/ursus@zdeneksasek.com"]ursus@zdeneksasek.com[/email]



Hey I wanna be part of this great event. For Xmas I won’t be working or anything so you can count on me 100%. I have a gallery at http://avohej.deviantart.com let me know if anything.



Hey CGTalkers

I can make orchestral music for this trailer…if u are interested in it i can show u my samples…


Hey guys … Im new to this contest … Just like to take part of it …

Im a 3d Artist working for a television station called “MAX” here in sri lanka … If any of you guys need someone to do modelling or animations or some basic compositting please let me know…

Gud Luck Everybody …

INDUNIL ------------------------------