Looking for contributing members for a hobby game project


Hi there… we are still looking for a sketch / painter artist who may be interested in working on a hobby game project for fun.

Some more background
The game is an adventure in the classic “sierra” style like such modern classics as Dreamfall - the longest journey or Syberia

We are using the wintermute adventure game engine to produce our hobby project and it is fully capable of creating PC games that are the equal of anything that is published by real developers.

The game is going to be a full hobby project. We have no plans to sell this in any way, it will be released as freeware into the homebrew game dev community.

The project was conceived by myself and a mate of mine who are both professional 3D animators. It is our hopes that this hobby project will reflect the high quality of graphics and story that adventure gamers have come to expect.

The Game is Fantasy / Science Fiction. So you can really let your imagination go nutz!!

We hope to provide a real collaborative environment so you as a contributing member in fact have a say in the development, Plot, characters, Game Play… You get to put in your thoughts. We are not looking simple someone to be given a list of things to draw and go off an do them. we will encourage you to really add your own quirks to the final project. of course if you would prefer to just select item on the to do list and draw them… well you can do that to. Decide your own level of involvement!!

We have no obligations… if you get to busy with work… Well just stop n this project… come back when you have time. We will still be around.

About the Hobby Aspect

Like i said the project founders are both professional 3D animators working in the industry. I myself have been doing 3D for over 10 years, back when 3DStudio was a dos application. This project is ment to be a hobby, like RC car racing or some such other activity.

There will be no or little pressure. This is ment to be FUN, not another job.

All art and programming code will stay as your own. Full credits will be given no matter how small a contribution you make. While the final art will be used in the game project itself, you, as teh artist can retain all claims that you created it. Put it in your CV, post it on your own website… whatever. Remember this is a HOBBY project so no money is involved… we will in no way profit form this. Your work will be as safe as posting it on this site.

Hobby project Goals
[ul][li]Have fun
[/li][li]Improve your skills
[/li][li]To provide a outlet for our imaginations. No longer will you stare at a blank sheet of paper saying “Well i need to practise… what should I do?” - The project itself will provide for you a structured list of uncompleted tasks that you can select at will to work on. “Oh i feel like practising digital painting today… oh hey they are still looking ofr a digital backdrop for scene 32!! I’ll do that.”
[/li][li]See your work come alive in a interactive 3D environment. - Get an added bonus to all your completed works by seeing it included in a game title. I think that many 2D guys would get a kick out of such a thing. Design a character, tell us how you think he should move and act… and teh 3D guys will make it happen!!
[/li][li]Get inspirational advise and technique tips. We hope to attract talented people to this project. In doing so you will enter a small microcosm of a true studio environment. Improve your working skills from advise and encouragement from other active members.
[/li][li]Expand your CV.

Long Term Project Goals

The founders are considering the possibility that this project could evolve into a much larger online community. While this is all way down the line and we will need to get out our first title to attract people, we are hoping to make a true online hobby group. With features on the site very similar to this one, except focusing on collaborative projects.

People will be able to start there own Projects, for any end. Say short film, FPS, animations etc etc. Receiving free hosting and dev forums.

Find users form the community to join your projects. Or be a random contributor and pick and choose small areas of any project to help out on.

Like i said all this part is way off and may not even happen… but we have high hopes that this kind of thing could evolve from the simple idea of a Collaborative Dev Environment for fun and learning.

Contact me

If you are interested in this project and the possible future it may contain then please PM me on this board for my full email address. I will then send you more information on the project we are trying to get a team for.

We have built a starting website for our project and you are welcome to come and join it. It was built and put live like about 15 mins ago so there isn’t much on it yet and expect a lot more content to be added soon. This site is just a place holder to contain our private development board


Be excellent to each other. And Party on dudes!!!


The project is hotting up… we have snagged some awesome 2D guys conceptart.org and they are busy pumping out some wicked designs for us…

If anyone is interested in helping out on this project them please feel free to drop by.

Charicter Study
Robot Study
Charicter Study
Set Study
Charicter Study

We are all having great fun putting this project together… if anyone is interested in helping out for fun and learning then we would love to see hear from you!!! We are all different skill levels but we do not care we are just having fun!!

We also snagged a professional game music designer for sound, and also a pretty decent coder… like i said the project is coming together!! Still need some more 3D guys.

Please PM me or reply in this thread or come say hi on our forum!!


ps- pm me on this account… i changed my email addy on my 2002 account and have nvr received a confirmation mail :frowning:

if you PM me on the other one before or now i will not be able to see it :frowning:


Cool 2d concept artists you have found…Coming along nicely. :thumbsup:


thanks… they are really doing a terrific job… i really hope we can do the 3d to do them justice :slight_smile:


As part of the conceptual brief for our project as a completely open source user driven work we have opened the voting area of the board.

Even if you do not wish to contribute to the project you may log into the site view the works and vote on the art direction that the project may take!!

–Be excellent to each other. And party on dudes!!


Apparently registration was broken for a while… should be able to register now if you are interested.

We would still like to find some 3D guys.


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