Looking for blueprints...


Well, here it goes, looooooong time lurker here. I am in great need of good reference prints of a particular car for a game model…

I have been to all the sites I know of, i.e. Surrland, Braum, and the like, as well as all the ones references in the sticky posts at the top of several threads.

I surely hope I have just missed it, but after hundreds of clicks, I am plum wore out, LOL…

Car specs: Jaguar XKR used in the Trans AM series racing circuit…

Reference page for your perussal : TRANS-AM PHOTOS

I am sure from all these pics I could piece something together, but, I am not so good at the modeling yet and would like something straight and clean to work with…

THANKS!! Great Community here… :beer:


you can get a lot of blueprint in http://www.suurland.com
hope this help


Ya, been there too… But I went back and looked again just in case! I appreciate your post just the same… :thumbsup:


There’s an entire sticky thread about blueprints in this forum, maybe you’ll find something there.


“as well as all the ones references in the sticky posts at the top of several threads.”

Yup, I looked… If it can’t be found then it can’t be found, but I thought it would be worth asking… :wink:


Originally posted by cbctech
[BYup, I looked…[/B]

Whoops! :blush:


LOL, that’s quite alright… It made me look again! Ones eye, (pun intended), gets tired and may miss a thing or two…


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