Looking for Animators - Modelers - Pros at FX for Video Series


Hey peoples! I’m moving here from SFM - Scifi-meshes, they don’t seem to have the kind of critique I like… hardly ever reply that is, anyway, I noticed that there was 212 people online here, so I thought I’d give it a try here… here goes:

I’m working on a Video Series, a scifi… the story is built around humanity’s first FTL flight… I need modelers for City structures, space based vehicles, effect (advanced) and such, if anyone is willing to gimme a hand on this it would be great! I’m just not able to do like 300 models all my myself if you know what I mean hehe.

Buildings and Structures include:

City buildings - futuristic, and modern. Highly Detailed
City Greebling


Nasa type ships
Space stations - 2-3 of them. One being the ISS two, and the other being the FTL’s dock


Particle FX
Explosion FX
Sky FX
Advanced Controlloed Particle FX (mainly an animated sun)

Anyway, if anyone’s interested, please post here or pm me!

Thanks guys

-Admiral Igor-

[EDIT] btw, I’m not very new to 3d, been in 3dsmax since V2.0[/EDIT]


dont want you to think that we hardly ever reply too :stuck_out_tongue:

how about sketches? do you have them?


Originally posted by antigomo
[B]dont want you to think that we hardly ever reply too :stuck_out_tongue:

how about sketches? do you have them? [/B]

hehe yea all my scetches are up here ::points to head:: but I’ll be making some basic scetches on paper and in max to give you guys an idea if it’ll get people to help me out.


here’s a lil preview for you: a single schematic view I whipped up in 30mins, hope you like! Many more to come.


Could you Give a Synopsis, or just some outline of the story…



Of course, I’ll give you a descriptive story line.

During our ages as human’s we’ve polluted the earth, more and more, by 2004 we’d begun to start cleaning up, by promoting new laws, and regulations. But 1 year later, a nuclear war had set in motion a chain reaction that would end up making earth unsuitable for human life.

Now it’s 2055, we live in huge citys only a few miles accross, built within massive domes housing from 1million to 5million. The domes we’re contructed as a last resort, if the US’s government had failed at reversing the radiation effects. We had failed. Our water supply is ruined. Deep sea stations built under 1mile of water are now used to collect unaffected liquids for consumtion. The human race is now in a nuclear winter, huge storms cover the planet, making it impossible for anyone or anything to live outside our manmade habitats.

We’ve begun to search for a new home. 10 years ago we’d started terraforming mars… but that wouldnt be complete for another 50 years - or more.

It’s now 2129AE (After Earth) A huge portion of earth’s population was sent to new Mar’s to create a new home. It is working! our population has grown from 2.4billion to a whopping 9.23billion people. We are sure not to make the same mistake again. The new UCW -United Confederate Worlds- Orginazation has started the most abitios project in human history, we are going to transform Jupiter into a star…

It is now 12/19/2135: We’ve begun the last phase of the Genisis project, Taking small amounts of hydrogen from the sun to implant into jupiter to jump start the fusion reaction…

12/21/2135… We’ve lost all communications from earth base, and steller hydrogen collections; after a massive gamma burst from the sun… we fear the worst… an accident involving the hydrogen collection process, could create a chain reaction… making the sun “think” it’s 1billion years older then it is… What this mean’s is that… it’ll start growing.

3/31/2136, We’ve finaly gotten begun to investagate the problem, reported on the 21st of december 2135… It seems we were right. The sun is growing, all of what is left on earth has been killed by the added radiation created by the gamma burst. Hydrogen production vessals are missing, or found with heavy damege… we’ve done it again… we’ve killed the human race.

9/3/2174, the UCW Org has begun once again a huge step in human evolution. We’ve begun developing the first FTL engine. Tests are underway… Exodus it’s called.

That’s all I’m gonna give you for now :wink: because this is where the story makes a strange turn… let’s just say they meet some aliens within the next 30 years.

you like?!



Sorry for not answering sonner, I read your descriptive story line… and i have to admit i got a little lost. I think you have some really good ideas and your settings seem to be perfect for cg. The thing that confused me is that there is too much, you have great enviourments made up which could be very chalenging, but more than that as a story it seems to be lacking or maybe i just didn;t get enough detail. There isn;t too much description of charecters.

Or a main thread going accross. Another comment is that it seems like a huge amount of detail baisiclly a feature film and my question is that possible to do.*i don;t know how many people you work with.

I like the over all enviroment created but my suggestion would be to start off small with one story and concentrate more on the build up of the story the charecter etc (more like working on an episode than the entire thing).

I hope i was off some use.



heh I agree completly, there will be a char outline as I work with the char story portion, now this is in a manor of speaking a feature film, running with a number of “episodes” each one of those dates is a film, exept for the last few with the x/xx/xxxx dates. that’s a single


also I’ve got a number of people from http://forums.scifi-meshes.com helping with it.


ok so i missunderstood,

elaborate more on your plans, and hopefully i could help out



well my plans alrighty:

I’ve got one of the best modelers on sfm working on a portion of the movie’s modeling section… a huge station built within a astroid, that’s one of the harder ones! Thanks elim! but for the rest of the sfm goers, they dont seem to give a rat’s arse about it… so not counting on ANY support from that side lol. I’ve got a personal friend working on sound fx, and musical scores. I’ll be doing most of the special effects, because of the fact that no one here seems very interested either :stuck_out_tongue: cept you :slight_smile: Thanks btw, support is a good thing to have…

anyway, here’s a little about the main char in the 1st-2nd episodes

His name is julius, he’s around 20 when the 1nst episode airs, he’s a brilliant scientist, he progresses through the series, making large break throughs in technology, mostly force field tech, and energy. he’s got a very… classical additude, likes the fine arts, and such… he will go through the series, kinda like a joke to most people until he finaly discovers a MAJOR breakthrough in propulsion systems. He ends up murdered when someone trys to steal his protypes for his own personal use.

3rd and 4th

Her name is kate… lol… anyway, she too is a scientist, working on a theory that would one day enable humans to surpass the light barrier. She’s got a kind of… she acts on her impulses… alot… also a rather classical person, working passionatly on what she does best, quantom mechanics… I cant give away what happens to these people just yet heh

His name is sisco, he’s just a really lax guy, Kate’s fiance’. He helps her with her work when she needs it, forming an even stronger bond with her over a 1 year period because of random events.

Military officer 1: very strong hearted kind of guy, trys to get with kate during the middle of the 3rd ep, havent gotten his name down yet, nor his full story… more work to be done I guess


Just wondering if you still need help, I’m fairly well versed in 3d studio, and would like to help out, thoughI don’t have a lot of free time. Is there a work in progress site for this project?


the project is on hold until I can round up enough people. I’ve had suggestions to just make a trek film.


It sounds very interesting, i would like to help with anything i can but for now i won’t prommis anything because i may land a job soon if i don’t then i’m free to help out!


Soory for disapearing for such a long time I was on vecation:) . in anycase i am back now and am interested in helping although i am not sure i;ll have so much time i work full time and might continue studying next year… So if it;s still On and there is something i could do Post me. i work on maya



Took a stab at modeling the Mk IV Pheonix illustrated above.
Originally created it with the exposed wiring, but opted for a dual cable housing with a kind of serial port and safety switches instead. Thought this might make it more portable as a model, hope you don’t mind.


looks pretty good :wink: although that illustration was made in 3ds max with a model :wink: yours is still better hehehe


Just wondering how this project is going.
Have you decided to go with your original storyline or with a Star Trek theme?
Either way would like to help out.
BTW I’m also using Max (v3.1 ed vers).


Wow :slight_smile: Just saw this thread. It’s been a long time! I’d actually love to take this back up, I’ve learned alot since I had this idea, so it would probably work. Anyone wanna take it up with me?


Wow…I just realized this thing was 2 years old LOL. Good luck at restarting it.:smiley: