Looking for an interface & logo artist for an online game


hello im looking for dedicated people to make a mmorpg. i need music artist programmers ill handle all the visuals. heres some examples of my pixel art and drawn art.

 this is the website address

im currently looking for a interface & logo artist to create all the interfaces for this game i have a programmer a website designer now i just need a interface artist

heres some pixel animation i did for my game

this a a full veiw i drew of the charecter this is how he looks later in the game

                                                         Magivolve online

Ok heres what it going to be about. Magivolve online is mainly about trying to survive life in a world that really has no time period there is all types of things in magivolve midevil things future type stuff and even things that are from the prehistoric era this is a world that is vast with unlimited possibility’s and is very fun. You start as a normal teenager boy or girl in the country of malaunis, gulmist or liaminia and you just finished high school and its time to get a job so the main objective is to find ways to make money. You start off with money that your parents game you to start your life. And with that money you buy an apartment. There are many skills you can learn and many ways to make money in magivolve. These are the ways to make money

 World protection group

s- thes are the men and women that protect the country from the most dangerous threats that include killing historic demons, normal demons and uneven spirits, keeping dragons in check, stoping un expected attacks from the valid land (will explain later in this doc.) Stoping mad men and evil scientist and taking on the most dangerous missions. Different groups have certin expectations of
its soldiers and some missions require you to be in a certin group and a certin skill level and base level
Heres where I layed out the groups and how they run

The Riunshin Guard – the Riunshin guard this the starting point for all men and women thinking about becoming a soldier. In magivolve in order to use a weapon you must first get the license for it and in order to get the license you must take a basic, advance or expert test depending on the weapon . and in the Riunshin they take you thru boot camp which is located in mysliya mountains where you learn the basics of fightin and you take basic weapons test for the sword, dagger and gun. the only weapon you don’t need a license for is your fist. But for that you must learn the skill of martial arts. And in Riunshin your taught the basic martial arts but to advance you must advance to higher groups. After your finished boot camp your given a medal to show you’re a lvl one soldier (this doesn’t affect your base lvl) your sent back to your country where you take on jobs and missions.

The lamunis guild – this is basicly the same as the Riunshin guard but its in gulmist the difference is that gulmist being more advanced in tec the wepons are different. But you goto the same boot camp as the Riunshin soldiers and the martial arts is the same the difference is that there weapons are more energy based. Light swords, sound dagger, laser guns. In this group there is a dress code thou everyone must wear the proper attire when
At lvl 1 untill they advance to a different group.

Tagashi kalve guard – this is the same as the Riunshin and the lamunis but its in kiaminia and this is the land o magic there boot camp is the same place as Riunshin and lamunis.
But the weapons are based on net operation. Net operation is how magic is run and is magivolves main sorce of magic it runs off the internet and the weapons are magic based cell phones intelel staff and internet polgs . Natural magic users do exist they are called scripters and magipoets. But those are hard to learn and most of its teachers have become old and barely teach it anymore but its said that a full fleged scripter or a magipoet can change the world at their will. People are thinking maybe that’s the way the great creator came about in the middle of the world. Magivolve has a terrible past.

 ill give More info when asked


I’ll take up some things in order as they come up in your thread.

  1. Your sprites has some transparency problems. White spots coming up.
  2. Your animations is very stiff. It feels like I’m looking at robots when I see them move.
  3. The guilds/groups seems well planned enough.

Btw, I really hope you DON’T have the same attitude as you have shown on other forums. I really hope you start replying to people who replies to your threads…



i think the most impressive thing ive seen regarding this game is the website…although it need a lot of work as well

where would this game be distributed? Because i feel the english gets a little confusing…


What I would recommend you to do at this early stage is to read this short but very informative rant about MMORPG-projects.


wrong forum btw


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