Looking for a Windows Tablet for Sketching...


Hey guys I am looking to buy a windows tablet that enough power to run a programs like ToonBoom and Adobe Illustrator. So that means that the stylus for me is a big deal.
I am looking for tablets Under $500 and under 1,000.
Any advice on what i should get?


Get a second hand Surface Pro 2. Decent stylus response means getting a Wacom or a Surface Pro, your budget means having to go for the Pro 2 second hand (256GB version to make sure you have enough RAM with it). Not much in terms of alternatives.
Sub 500$ forget about it.


I have the 2 with 256 gb and 8gb ram, it’s better response in apps than 1 my buddy has… But for 500 you’ll likely get the 1, similar hardware tho. 3 isn’t wacom but I do sometimes wish mine was bigger.


Used surface pro 2 is your best bet in that price range.