Looking for a disney concept site


Ive been on a constant search for this Website that has conceptual pictures of almost every character in Disney and Fox. (nicely organized).

I dont remember the URL address too well, but it had the name ‘Animetric’ in it…(not this anime site)…

So i was wondering if anyone out there has ‘heard of’ OR ‘may know of a website’ dealing with Disney’s character conceptual material.

Thanks all!


I don’t think this is what you’re looking for, but perhaps it will help in some way.



Don’t know about any good sites but I have bought a bunch of great Disney concept art books over the past 12 months. Take a look @ this one!

Paper Dreams by John Canemaker

I also picked up some great ones on Monsters Inc and Nemo! Search Amazon and good luck!


Awesome man, thanks for your help!
Yeah Nemo!:beer:


Most model sheets are copyright and there for illegal to distribute :wink: Sue has a site dedicated to them though

if you can’t figure it out try doing a search on googl for things in orange text that should help, oh and always use the proper terminology when looking for something, they are model sheets not conceptual, conceptual is when they are creating a character model is the guide for a character that is designed already


www.animationmeat.com has quite a few in there downloads section last i checked


Wow. What a great site! Tons of great PDFs and loads of ispirational stuff! Putting the Dirk the Daring Character sheet on my wall now!!!

DCHAD:bounce: :buttrock:


Found an auction site that has lots of Disney Model Sheets for sale, Which can be viewed as well.

Just in case anyone is still looking for these



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