Looking for a Concept Artist/Drawer


Hello all,

For a science fiction project that we are setting up were looking for a character artist/drawer. We need the artist to draw/design a robot based of a moodboard. If we all like the designs, we would like some side and front views and maybe some detail views. So that we can model an shade the character. This character is going to be the main character of the teaser that were setting up.

This is the moodboard:


little note: we have no rights to any of these images, there just from google to serve as moodboard.

I can not share to much about the project, but its going to be a concept project, so that if successful we can develop a story based on it. the current project as said is going to result in a visual effects teaser.

If you like to collaborate on this project or want more info please contact us at: district6fx[at]gmail.com