Looking for a Character Modeler and or Rigging Artist


Looking for a character modeler and or rigging artist who can convert a game ready character model to a cinematic-quality character model, that’s fully rigged including facial.

Must be able to deliver the following:

  • Deliverables need to be in C4D format
  • Cinematic quality textured model for use in video (Does not need to be game ready) High poly is OK, but should be manageable.
  • Fully rigged including face (Blend shapes are OK, but rigged face is preferred) I will try to get examples of different facial expressions to help.
  • Control handles and limits for all joints that make sense to limit
  • IK/FK setup
  • Prefer to have rigged mesh hair, not dynamic
  • Removable accessories (Bag, glasses, scarf)
  • UI for face controllers if possible (Not required, but would be nice)


Hi,I’m interested in doing your job.
I’ll do what you want in highest quality.
you can see a sample of my modelling, rigging and animation works at this link:

these are my portfolio:

please contact me for more,


Hello, I’m interested for the job.

I put my linkedin and artstation profile.


Gerardo Starna
Character, creature and vehicle artist looking for a job

Put me a message if you are interested.

Best regards