Looking For 3ds Max Training Course In London


Hi guys,

I am looking for 3ds max course in london. Like private tuition or course.!!


So did you find any training provider who give tailored courses for architecture??

please let me know.

thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Simon, Yes! :slight_smile:



They are 3ds Max Training Provider, located in VAUXHALL, LONDON.

They give One to One Training in 3ds Max for Architects and Interior designers.

Please see the link for more info.



there are loads in London, if you search 3d in the floodlight website, it’ll bring them all up but im not convinced of the quality of some of them -

last year i started the modeling and animation one at Richmond college, i was so excited to find a 20 week evening course for £300…until i started and we just sat and did tutorials from the polygonblog and the autodesk website together - i eventually stopped going as i was traveling an hour and a half there then back, paying more to go to zone 3, and sit in a not so nice classroom following a tutorial i did at home on a better spec computer.

a lot of the other students (maybe 14 of us all together) held back people in the class that were taking it seriously by slowing the whole thing down as they weren’t practicing at home, and its not the type of thing you can just do for 3 hours a week at college, so i’d definitely consider class size before paying for a course again.

around the same time i started an after effetcs evening course at kensington and chelsea college - first week the tutor tells us to bring in our headphones next time, as we’re going to sit at the computers and do the tutorials from video copilot!


I think it’s a tricky one, though - if you’re starting at the very beginning (and it sounds like those courses were), then tutorials from the internet are probably the best thing for it, really. There’s no point re-invented the wheel (assuming, of course, that those tutorials aren’t a load of old dog piss). Often-times the more advanced stuff is totally useless because until you have a base knowledge, you don’t even know what you don’t know - that is to say that if you don’t know your vertices from your polygons, an online tutorial is about as useful as one to one training. I guess at that stage, then, what you’re really paying for is the ability to ask questions to someone that (hopefully!) knows the answers. I remember when I first started out learning, following online tutorials, I’d get stuck for hours on the most basic of things because I just had no one to ask. It’s disheartening when that happens, and can really turn you off it.

Of course, this sort of learning isn’t for everyone, but I think it has its place, and the fact they were using tutorials from the internet isn’t - in itself - a problem I think.


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