Looking for 3d Modellers for Charity Game


Hello, my name is Kevin and I’m the founder of Extrude Studios.
My studios has Currently 3 other Members, 2 programmers and an animator.
I’m currently developing a charity videogame to support research on rare diseases and save lives.
Due to my tiny budget which has alreday ben spent on computer-hardware I wouldn’t be able to pay anyone that would agree to take this offer. It would be purely for charity.
What you should be able to do:

Model Creatror:
-Create a 3D Model
-Work without specific orders
-Talk and or be able to write in English (Captain Obvious)
-Be willing to work without getting paid


I think what you are doing is very cool.
I would love to help with some designs, 3D models, or anything else.
I would like to know what do you have in mind regarding concept, game design, or anything that could give a direction to the game you are creating and basing your art on.

A recommendation:
The “(Captain Obvious)” extension next to the “Talk and or be able to write in English” could be interpreted as a harsh and unnecessary comment.