Looking for 3D Animator for short 20-30 second scene ( paid, but small budget )



I am trying to put together a short 20-30 second animation. The scene involves 3 characters and takes place all in two rooms, in a basement. The goal is to really showcase accurate facial animations, so that will be important. I will be getting local actors to do the voice overs. We can start with animating the entire scene, then doing the faces.

The environment is not done yet and only 2 of the 3 characters are ready. They will all need to be rigged for animation first as well. The first two characters share the same exact body, so that should make it easy to just rig once. The faces are very detailed though and of course different. I want to have everything in place though for when the rest is ready.

This is a personal project so the budget is not very high, but I do have some money to offer. If you are interested, please contact me and we can go over the project more and discuss the cost. You can PM me here and I will give you my email for further discussion.

*EDIT: I should mention that this is not for a real time animation. It will be rendered offline



Hi,I’m interested in doing your job.
you can see a sample of my modelling, rigging and animation works at this link:

these are my portfolio:

please contact me for more,



Here is my portfolio link, if you need anything you can contact me on hassanalsamahi12@gmail.com


Hi, i’m interested in the proyect


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