Looking at 3DCoat: would anyone who's used it recommend it?


I’m seriously looking at a program called 3DCoat. I have not yet downloaded the demo, though I intend to when my work load gets a little lighter. Has anyone used it and, if you have, would you recommend it and how well did it fit into your pipeline right off the bat?


I absolutely love it. I never really could get along with zBrush, and 3DCoat is easy to learn and use. The painting tools are very good, retopology based on a sculpt easy.

I talked to this guy (http://www.izmeth.com) - he teaches at VanArts now, and he prefers 3DCoat over any of the other solutions.


I’m really leaning toward getting it… I’m working in Hexagon now, and it’s a little… buggy… but I’m used to it. Does it have decent traditional polygon modelling tools?


Its pretty much just for sculpting, but if you want polygons it’s also good at retopolization. Look for some videos of that on Youtube.


Okay, so basically, I’d keep using whatever I’m using for traditional work and 3DCoat for sculpting? That sounds interesting. Thank you very much, guys! You helped a lot!


I am thinking about getting it myself for retopo and painting. It seems like it has come quite a ways since it first came out.


Just looking at this video makes it exciting to even think about:

It’s almost reminding me of Rhino, but with more mesh control (Rhino’s ability to produce nice meshes is… difficult)


The sculpting side of it is something personal I gather (never used it for that), some like it, some hate it. Never touched it so I can’t comment.

The availability for Linux and the retopology tools though have turned a lot of heads. We’ve picked it up here for a production that required an inane amount of retopo work for some fairly complex stuff, and quite a few people think it the second coming when it comes to that (or at least not as painful as some other tools).

It’s at least worth trying in those regards.
You might like it, or you might not, but objectively speaking it’s functional. Fairly cheap too, just don’t post heathen work done with it anywhere if you ever want to update it :wink:


You guys have basically convinced me to at least spend time with the demo, if not sold me right off… thank you all very, very much, I truly appreciate the input.


This is the first thing that stops me from buying it.
I can’t stand the forced religious moral and freedom stomping the licensing imposes. I feel like I’m dealing with a software from the middle ages.

The developers have been known to enforce their religious licensing (obviously at their discretion), so don’t do a satanic big boobed shiva, or your license will be in trouble.


On that note: I mentioned because I think it’s an important enough thing to know, as it will limit what of your work can be exposed to the public if you decide to pursue those (banned) themes in your art.

With that said, that’s the whole extent of it, please lets leave it at that without bringing in whether it’s reasonable or not, whether as a Wiccan you might be offended or not and so on.

The developer made a choice and they communicate it and manage it rather transparently (it’s not like you’re not told on the website and find out too late or something), questionable or not. Lets leave it at that and not bring religious discussion in here :slight_smile:


Yea voxel sculpting is not my cup of tea from what I have tried but retopo and texturing seems to be really nice in it.


Really? If I were to sculpt a satanic big boobed shemale what would they do? Register me on a black list or something? Send me hate emails? Did they ever did something like that or it’s just something you think they could do by reading their terms and conditions?


They reserve the right to revoke your license and refuse updates. The latter they can enforce, the former I think they will offer a refund for.
It did happen before allegedly, and it is in the EULA, but I haven’t found any real accounts of it having happened, so feel free to bolden and triple underline the “allegedly” part.

They also, in the past, refused to sell a license to someone after seeing their gallery, that much I know for sure, I don’t know first hand of other measures, but they do seem to feel pretty strongly about it.

Again, just for the sake of discussion and disclosure, lets not get religiously upset about this, please :slight_smile:


Well, I guess they are in their rights. I would not like to sell any of my work to pedophiles or dictators. I hope they are able to do a distinction between fantasy (Lovecraft for exemple) and… and what? Snuff films?? That’s evil!

I would be really happy if Adobe/Autodesk would start banning users that work on crappy reality shows like american idols and jersey shore. Or users that use more than 3 lens flares per month… Software auto-destruct!!


I bought it a couple months ago. I already own Topogun and Zbrush but i dont really have a dedicated 3d texturing solution.

For that feature alone, it is worth it. I stilll willl be using Zbrush to model and Topogun for topology, maybe i might learn some of the other cool features (they are really nice) but i like my workflow.

One thing that blew my mind the other day when texturing in it was you can flip the texture in a layer based on the topology so it will always match up even if the UV’s are in a different shape on the other side.

Like i said, i got it just for the texturing abilities, and i am more than happy with how it has performed.

edit:// btw i should add, the texturing is great for personal/boutique solutions (6+ 4k map tiles work very nice), it isnt as friendly for large scale requirement.


I’ve never seen it being used for sculpting in any studios, but it popped up once or twice at a studio I was at a few years back for retopologising.


I don’t really care about the religious background, everyone is free to live their own beliefs.
But what is the worst that could happen if I use it for an “evil” project? They just stop updates or can they deactivate the license or something?

I really don’t want to discuss their motives behind this, but I think it’s important to know how far this restriction can go for a real project.
The program itself is genius, I tried some of its features and was really impressed. But if I have a big “evil chicks” project or something like that … do I have to fear restrictions? And to what extend?


Those restrictions they enforce on their users should not apply to all countries in the world since we all have our own unique set of consumerlaws which they cannot bypass with their religious madeup rules.

If i buy a product, software or other thing i own the rights to use it as i wish. If the seller still tries to limit and enforce their own madeup policy on me they are breaking the consumer laws which gives me the right to sue them for a lot of money.

This is why i left 3D-Coat behind, no matter how good it may be this is not acceptable treatment of customers.

/ Magnus


AFAIK the site despite being overly religious doesn’t force you to anything: http://3d-coat.com/company/our-voice/
Also how would they ever know you retopo’ed a naked jesus playing with himself ?