lookin to get Mac pro 12 core


i have an 8 core that i have great success with just wanted to know how the new ones were if it was worth it yea i know there expensive but i haven’t had tons of issues on the one im on.

any thoughts would be appreciated thanks


Hi Eric
If you are going to get a Mac, I would suggest getting a third party upgrade to a Mac. Check out OWC’s Turnkey solutions for Mac Pro’s.They sell a Two x 3.46GHz 6-Core ‘Westmere’ (Intel X5690, 12-Cores, QPI: 6.4GT/s) CPU replacement that will be faster than the new Mac’s.
OWC also sells a really fast PCI SSD HD card that gets nearly 1 GB/sec throughput.

The new Macs are using slower versions of the Westmere chip than OWC is offering.
I would not buy a new mac unless it is a necessity

right now i would suggest:
-get/update a 2010 Mac Pro with OWC’s upgrades
-get a Windows machine for up-to-date CPU
-wait for Apples upcoming Mac Pro


The current Mac Pro is so old it is getting discontinued in Europe due to new standards (link). So definitely not get a new one from Apple right now. I would advise you go with one of the suggestions you got above :slight_smile:


now would be the worst time to buy a new Mac Pro. They are about to be completely revamped within the next couple/few months and they will make the current one look as old and outdated as they are. I’ll be buying one for sure. DO NOT BUY!


Thanks for the info, ill just build a PC for rendering priced out at 1500 12 core with 64gb ram


64GB is a lot of ram for a render node. I have a 3730K with 16GB and it’s more than fine for HD and print-res EXR renders. Unless you do huge scenes, you probably won’t need more than 32GB, especially for a headless render box.


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