Look Dev Collage Sheets


Please post your look dev sheets here! also add photos, comments, and descriptons of photogrpahy





If you guys need ref for your look dev sheats…

(Please check out the animal section)


user: pfedor
pass: password


awesome thanks!! This will help out!


Also would be cool…for final renders that we put your creature in a plate maybe? instead of a black abyss…

would be cool to see the phooka peering out of a Henri Rousseau forest plate…

wouldnt it be nice to put a cool background for each of the creatures for the final pick ?


agreed, some sort of background would be nice!


hehe…already all over this:). for the phooka, i’m planning a forest shot of him. it’ll be around dusk (maybe a little after that…definitely not all black)…he’s standing in the middle of the forest and you’ll see all of these forest creatures crawling all around his feet…as if they’re all drawn to him…like he’s their god. you’ll see snakes, rats, insects gravitating toward him…even with a snake wrapping around one of his legs. the image will feel like it’s coming from a pov of a person lost in the forest…with the phooka turning his head very slightly looking toward camera. definitely a freaky moment to come across in a dark, gloomy forest. so all of these creatures will feel like they’re scrambling around him, but the phooka is completely calm, in control…at home. i plan to mix 3d elements w/a plate…my backyard is a big forest and i’ll try and get some pics of it to put him in. hellllllzzz yeah! i’ll do some mockups of this to gauge how much work it’s gonna be…i’m not worried, though…it’ll just have to get done:)…i plan to use a helluva lot of tricks to make it look believable.


Dude he needs throne off roots (I think you posted that a while back)

I bet those new zealand trees would be sick…maybe we can get a plate from Dr. Igor…I bet he has some wild tress and some weird animals we can composite crawling around (if you need them)…


yeah, that’d be great. if we can get some ref of some wacky creepy crawlies, that’d be great. and also some forest images, too. any and all will contribute to the final image(s).

i did think of the throne of roots. i love the image of it. i kinda like the idea of him standing…BUT it could be equally cool if he’s sitting as well. i’ll draw some examples of both and let the better composition decide which gets done:). thanks for the feedback, man. always much appreciated.


agree I think the throne of roots would give this character a nice touch. He does look super cool standing, but for the old age he is I could picture him in his throne like a king in the forest. Either way it will look cool.


hello all, I solydified the look i want for the upper part of my creature, the lower i’m still undecided how humanoid i want to keep it, what i know is that i want this whole thing in an action pose coming out of a wheel in a egyptian / lovecraftian Rlyeh diorama…
the underlaying thing can be seen on my the concept forum, i’m tempted to go to the wird shoggoth look but Nyarlathothep needs to have some elegance…
The eyewoman is gonna act as some sort of “Eye of the Faiths” from the clash of the titans

lookdev for the woman


any suggestion about the integration of these two creatures is more than welcome!!


Stephano…looks like I would go to young woman skin at 3d.sk…and start mixing that with meat photos…we can do the translucent eyeballs underneath…would look great sss!

not trying to be gross…but I start looking at burn victims at various stages of healing…(I think she should be a combination young woman skin and part …well…something more disturbing)



Im trying to get some rare pics shot by Dr. Igor…and your creatre is may look like it may get some cool skin…Its opportunity to use photo refernece from literaly the far corners of the earth…(Im trying to prove a point that studios AND directors should stop at nothing to take what they can from the real world…whether its HDRIs, photos for mattes, or the abused step-child of the industry…texturing)…

If there is anyway we can get Dr. Igor inbvolved more…here are some links to his work…if any skin or photos jump out at you lemme know…(we can arrange a photoshoot for your lookdve collage)




Guys Im trying to gauge…how much we can get Dr. Igor involved…

I wouldnt waste the good doctor’s time on a goat…but I do have remind myself what an incredible oportunity it would be to get this guy to shoot photos from some dead creature only he knows about…

Literlly he is the guy in the Time/Life magazine shooting strange shit…he may not be an FX modeler…but he is “creature” guy fo sho…

Its probably excesive…but…Dr. Igor would be perfect pimp out these models…

Also I put in a call to Joe Alter to get licenses…

Phillip, Stephano, Pablo, Dave please check out Dr. Igors work…ANYTHING in the bug/lizard/crab/squid/ etc…he can shoot it…and most people have never seen the creatures he shoot before…especialy 16 megapixel into the textures…

he would be an incredible resource to use him in Look Dev/texture…(but If we dont have enough stuff for him to shoot…I cant waste his time)

check out this tenticle he shot!


Phillip Steph Pablo…this might be an interesting take for skin …




****ing horse shoe crab rulez for skin !

this guys isnt bad either (and remember I can change the colors)

another skin (subtle)

another skin (more colorful)

Phillip this one is for you? (the little plate edge variations could be very cool)


maybe too detailed…


would be killer in SSS


I think shit like this might be a good alternative for alien skin…its light in color…not to busy…and would blow people’s mind in SSS



Im gonna put list of these together of this kind of shit…whether its worm, octapus, mantis shell, or horse shoe crab…

and just run it by him…

I bet Dr. Igor would know where we could get like 3 versions of the general feel from like sea…insect…or in a hole somewhere…from some Irin Jaya vacation he took…

and then you guys can choose what works for you.








Have not figured out a hi-res hosting solution yet…
e-mail me and I shall attach hi-res sheets…


Well done Phillip…some of the shark, jellyfish, horseshoe crab stuff isnt far off…Nice and subtle …(as if its to over the top…we can overlay it on translucent human skin)

girl is no problem…

the pet will be fun has shit…

so can I chalk you up as 2 of 3 in need of Dr. Igor?


Sorry for the delay, by the way Dr Igor has most of the stuff I was looking for. dude I’m in love with his insect photo shoots.






Thanks everyone for the quick response to the look dev sheets (you didnt have to respond in 3 hours)…(ROLF…you guys are real pros)…really appreciate it…

I can start beginingg the process with Dr. Igor…seeing he needs on his end…his availability for this month…and discussing what creatures are availble to shoot…

(these bug shoots may be like month or more in the making…which is why I sent you the pesky email)…I need to figure out with the good doctor what is available to us…

I’ll confirm all creatures with you before we shoot…if your not feeling something just let me know…my feeling is better to have in the can …in case…

meanwhile I am looking for a satan like goat from the petting zoos in LA…

I will be borrowing a Nikion D3 from work…which actually shoots 3-9 bracket HDRI’s in ONE click…which then gets “tone mapped” into one pic…(pretty crazy stuff)

remember the days when you took HDRI’s the old fashoned way? I apologize for all the hullabaloo over photos…which is a huge part of my pipeline.

I am desperately trying to avoid the sterotypical…shading u see on most forums…that super pumped up spec…from a well done displacement map…but yet has nothing more than a fractal color for the color map…which may be dandy when you get motion blur and put it in the dark…and put rain on it…but it looks “Airbrushy” to me

I used to be an airbrush artist…and there is vast difference between digitial photos used for texture…and hand painted ones…(which isnt to say that I wont be mixing new combinations of photo for one texture)

there is nothing worse than those Cavity maps baked in over simple colors on Z_brush central…


for hi-rez stuff and big files…you can sign up for a free trial membership for

which can by pass size restrictions.

I probably will eventually buy an account for all of us…(for now you can use the free one)

(again thanks for being all over this)