Long term effects of vfx employment on body and mind are:


Yes its an endless list but its your 10 hour or more day
and understanding the toll on your body
may give you an understanding how to reduce bad effects.

after many years ,computer use goes terminator on the operator, you get an aversion to them.
old school humans versus google enhanced seated drones,

the worst rooms seen very dark 200 grey 5ft high booths for 2 people
in each booth, no windows, 2 security doors. you can imagine
the quality of air and life 50 to 70 hour weeks. Battery vfx.

ok Not typical, but dark room is typical, hey you are at a permanent nightclub.
waiting for the dawn. prefer the dawn sun long term.

Anyway so you take the job,you do it for the art…to pay the richmans rent

long term effects of vfx employment on body and mind are:
(same as for world over office workers except dark, no walking,no windows)

machine addiction thats all of us. think usax hasnt got
you addicted, addicts find the first 3 months hardest, and you 20mins.

reduced social skills and empathy ditto

bad blood circulation destroys organs muscles and brain, an actual fact.
human beings circulation requires leg muscles to be used.
boss ,producers, leads, they spends his/her time walking around.
You need to get up and walk every half hour

fixed posture not sure what happens when you chain a monkeys
legs to a chair, its hand to a desk, and limits head movement to front for 10 hours a day.
Usually you would gets a visit from the animal liberationists.
Get up move, stretch,walk, tilt head etc

3d modellers , coders,producers typing: rsi and carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive clicking

Elbow pain for Computer Users is typically a sign of computer related RSI from holding your arm in a fixed
posture for extended periods. … These are mirror conditions of each other affecting the muscles and tendons on either side of the elbow joint.

The more common mouse related repetitive stress injury is carpal tunnel syndrome which causes hand and wrist pain

bad seats why do upmarket aerionsx give you dead legs,
ie no circulation , its bad design.

bad eyesight due to looking at fixed distance to screen, brick walls, working in a square grey box
bad eyesight caused by contrast difference, ie shiny mac screens give bad reflections
bad eyesight caused by very light screens in dark rooms.
bad eyesight caused by vr point of focus 2 inches
bad eyesight caused by 3d glasses work by using crosseye function of eyes

Ensure screen view position has far viewpoints behind screen not walls and booth walls

depression and bad eyesight due to working in dark, obvious work in light
you arent sure probably why you dont spend 50 hours in a small dark on
room on your holidays or in solitary confinement in jail.

Governments do give a f…k about dark workspaces for good reason its illegal
your vfx house is breaking the law pure and simple.

young workers crys when you turn on the lights in a dark room, my eyes hurt.
well thats god trying to tell you sunlight is required to see,
remember the scene in great escape when the old forger trips
over mcqueens leg getting the pin on the floor
carry on young worker in the dark and become blind old lion.
Its liberating working in the light. See your whole mood lift.

Eye problems caused by computer use fall under the heading computer vision syndrome (CVS).
Scrolling screen very bad. Eyes tracking multiple moving animation feeds.
Blurred vision
Double vision
Dry, red eyes
Eye irritation
Neck or back pain

Mental brain fog, anxiety, depression, stress fight response with no body movement.

lack of vitamin d due to no sunlight, get out of office at lunch

lack of oxygen due to no plants, install plants, not the pretend dusty plastic ones you have.

bad energy fields from emf of computers and phones
not solvable at present.

no fresh air only aircon good for the flu.
not solvable at present. Governments do not give a f…k
ticking time bomb pray the obvious doesnt happen.

special security doors so you dont steal the movie
or computers, so you get to breath the same air for 3 months.
leave doors open for a long while.

added bonus dust to block your lungs as it does the
computer fan you aint no different you are a breathing human.
cant open the computer panel, lung muscles not used,
after all you arn’t moving.

Interesting they hate you talking but talking clears the lung
muscles. Producers talk all the time but artists not allowed to,
funny guys gals lighten the room. Yes boss can talk and draw
even if you can only talk.

no windows to see where you are , good for the soul.
unblind windows see gods rays .

bosses get exemption from the above. good for them.

This is the case where a cheaper country might be better, no aircon,
open windows and doors , but dont worry they learn fast from you
usax westies.

overall not saying its good or bad, its our choice but being aware of long term effects

The person computer interface needs a redesign, so its more natural like paper
so you aren’t staring into a bright light all day, programs need redesigning so less clicking.

after many years, computer use goes terminator on the operator, you get an aversion to them.
they drain the mind and the body, 3 years you know it, 20 years and you will be decking
microsoft and mac, wondering what to do next.
old school humans versus google enhanced seated drones,

“humans will treat each other with respect.”


I’m not employed in VFX currently, but I hear you. This kind of thing is partially the reason I never even considered a career in this direction, the other being the low pay (here, at least).
Out of curiosity, which country are YOU in??


Thats the beauty of american vfx, they get to choose the country,state and
conditions you work in. ie many countries except usa.


Yeah, I’m not surprised to read this. Not sure how pervasive it is, but certainly some shops are better than others.

I’d add that because many VFX artists are contractors working on a specific project they also have issues with income security, particularly until they build a good network and credit list. That’s also why a lot of VFX artists are willing to work crazy hours - it’s a competitive business.

I’ve seen some backlash in games recently over deadline culture and overwork.


So i guess i will be one that will provide a different side to this story.

I have worked in very small shops, mid sized houses and the biggest studios.

Working conditions depend on a lot of factors. For the small shops, you might find yourself working slightly longer hours at crunch or late a few times during your production schedule simply because there arent enough people.

You might also find that you have more tasks in multiple disciplines too. But that’s the appeal of small shops. You have great power and therefore great responsibility. But if its a good small shop and you can deliver, they will want to keep you forever.

I spent the most time working late in a small shop.

Mid sized places. Are super cool. They have more of a pipeline, more support. Chances are its not their first rodeo and have seen a lot of scenarios. Nice working conditions, nice people. Maybe worked late once (till 9pm)… by choice, not necessity.

For the big studios it depends, but i have worked late or on weekends by choice, i wasn’t asked. But i know one massive film currently wrapping up where they are having all workers (in a certain department) do weekend shifts. This is down to poor production. It happens, but also this film is so huge so i can understand. And they do compensate for it.

But for the most part, the biggest studios have a good/healthy work culture. Most, leave on time. I know i do. They make sure if you do work late they will provide a free meal from a selection or nearby restaurants (sometimes i work late because i want to finish something plus knowing i can get a lovely free meal) and some will reimburse taxi/uber fees.

Socially bigger studios tend to be more socially active. Clubs, groups, sports and just a randomly coordinated drink fest. But also it is these types of places that are very much so into the gym.

All of this depends on the studio. But i just wanted to add, the pictures some of you paint is not the one i have experienced. I currently work for one of the 5 main studios. And to be honest. Its a blast. The work is great, the people are awesome and the projects are really cool.

But one caveat i will say is all of this can also depend on the department you’re in. I’m a Groom TD but i cant tell you what its like for Compers (for them, it can get bad).


Just want to chime in. I’m a 3D motion designer based in NYC.

A lot of the VFX/Post Production people I’ve worked with are very fit. As in lifting weights, thin, and/or biking to work frequently. I think there use to be this stigma of pale-skinned overweight nerds packed into a dark room… could just be NYC.