Long Movie, Single Shot?


I have encountered an issue and would very much like some experienced feedback on how to deal with it.

Basically I am in charge of a project, which will show a single shot of a doorpost, and an object hanging on the doorpost will open up, revealing a scroll coming out of it. All the while a narrator will be explaining what we are seeing etc.

The problem is that it will be about a minute and a half long, and that’s one hell of a long shot to animate! The animation itself isn’t the problem; just that it’s very boring, and that it takes a TON of time to render! (Even 5 minutes a frame for a 1.5 min movie will take me over a week to render!). So are there any tips for a. production, and b. rendering/animating?
It thought of doing the camera zoom in two stages, one from further away, and then have it skip to the up-close part, and leave the camera still for the rest of the video.