long exposure video


Hello everybody.I wasn’t sure where to post this, considering the topic, so sorry in advance if i’m asking in the wrong place.

I was trying to get my head around how to create a long exposure video, having the long exposure photo effect but animated.To make it more clear here is what i’m reaching for.
My first ideas were to try and combine different long exposure photos and morfing them together in a sequence or, film a sequence and try to write a code that would control the “life” of each frame so that for example frame no.1 would “live” 'till frame no.30 apears and so on…But i got kinda lost.I would appreciate any kind of help/input/advice you could give me.Thx, Andrei.


Its actually quite simple if you use a program like After Effects. There is a effec that you select the number of frames forward and the number of frames of the past you want to spash together into one frame. If you have accesibility to AE I will tell you the exact process.


thank you.i actually do.if you could describe the process it would be of great help :slight_smile:


oh im so sorry i didnt check back earlier! But i found this nice video to help u :slight_smile:


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