Lone Wolf Online - A med fan freeware MMORPG looking for volunteers



My name is Mikael Louys and I’m the Project Manager for the Lone Wolf Online (http://www.lonewolf-online.com) freeware med-fan MMORPG.
Lone Wolf is a collection of 28 gamebooks (8 million copies sold between 1984 and 1995, translated in 19 countries), created by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk in 1984. It has been adapted to a role-playing game by Mongoose Publishing in 2004 under Open Game License; it uses the Mongoose’s OGL System. The first twenty are being made available as Project Aon Internet editions.The action takes place in a heroic fantasy world, Magnamund, which was also used for another collection ot four books called The World of Lone Wolf (Grey Star the Wizard).

Our game is available for internal beta testing right now.

We currently need the help of more 3D artists volunteers. This freeware MMORPG only depends on its volunteers.

Here is the details for the position :

3D Artist or Animator

Will create models for characters of the game (players and NPCs), buildings, terrain, items…and if possible some rendered animations.

Skills needed :

  • Good modeling and texturing skills.
  • Knowledge of major 3D programs (3DStudio MAX, Maya…)

To apply, please send this information to postmaster@lonewolf-online.com :

  • Full Name, Email, Country, MSN address
  • Previous experiences on other 3d related projects.
  • Programs you use to model (3DSMax, Maya, Blender, etc…).
  • Send or point with an URL to some rendered images of models made by you, Models can be buildings, items, or characters

I hope you will contact me soon at postmaster@lonewolf-online.com or by MSN (contact address: contact@magnamund.com) For more info, go visit the Lone Wolf Online website and download our trailer in “movies”.

Thank you,

Mikael Louys
Project Manager
Lone Wolf Online


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