London Rooftops, Matte Painting, Raphael Lacoste (2D)


Title: London Rooftops, Matte Painting
Name: Raphael Lacoste
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hello there,

I did this Matte Painting here at RodeoFX for Annie Leibovitz Disney Parks campaign “Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams’”.

All the Foreground elements were modeled and textured (took me a long time!), I painted then all the highlights, smokes, sky, and details for lighting.
Original size is 6K pixel high for print, supposed to be one day in vanityfair or vogue :wink:
hope you like!


This is great Raphael! Is it for the Mikhail Baryshnikov as Peter Pan one? Fantastic atmosphere.


cool job gr8 matte Absolute job Keep it:applause:

and model is gr8 fantastic Top ranking


wow. it is not the correct word that i like, i love it;)
Almost perfect. Looks like a photo!
Only two thing:
Maybe the composition should be better if teh moon be on the right side where there is a big space. And maybe a bit too much pitch roof in the bg.

This painting will be very realistic in motion.


Shake! It is really very good, love it:thumbsup:


[left]This is very beautifull.thanks for that possible to see a wire or breakdown of your image?


WOW, is that great!
I love it.

regards Ralf


I think yes, an alternate version I did later!


Wire …


Oh my God…

I just can’t stop staring at this painting…

It absolutely breathtaking, and the lighting is just superior!

I am so sorry but I have to ask you if you could possibly give a hint on lighting.

Was it mostly done in max? (meaning 3d) and colour corrected in Photoshop, or perhaps more light was painted then rendered?

Sorry for asking my friend.

Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us.

So inspiring.
So good
So P E R F E C T


Wow !! awesome work as always Raphael :thumbsup:


wow this is great matte painting . amazing work .:buttrock::bounce:


thanks for the feedback,

in 3D, a depth pass and Key light was rendered, but all the subtle highlights on the stones and rooftops were painted. the trees and mist was painted too.



A beautifully romantic Image. And like all your images, wonderfully naturalistic.
I can almost imagine the Mary Poppins Chimney Sweeps
dancing on the rooftops…
Great composition and execution!


London alright! Thats a really good piece. Well done! :thumbsup:


Great image, great lighting as always too, and nice details.

(And with each of your posts you remind me I need to finish something!:p)


Beautiful! I love the lighting, colours, and the mood.

it makes me want to go there, into the painting.


very nice looking image. Love it! :thumbsup:


perfect Perfect Perfect :eek: :applause:


Fantastic work, very inspiring. I had recently been researching this type of english architecture for a piece I’m working on. I was wondering how you achieved the painterly feel of your textures. Your viewport screenshot appears that you are using photo-ref’d textures, but the final image has a painterly quality to it.

Great job!