Lomo Owl, Carlson Woon (3D)


Title: Lomo Owl
Name: Carlson Woon
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya, Photoshop

Hi guys! Couple of months I didnt updated my profile, this is my another piece, Lomo Owl. Its concept base on a funny photo that created by someone online, so I decided to recreate it and stylize it into cartoon but in realistic mode. A lot of fun to work on this piece and many experiment on fur and feather. Final output I try something different which is in Lomography mood. Hope you guys will enjoy and love it!

C and C are always appreciate as usual :slight_smile:


Very cute! I think it’s much better than the original.

I have to ask, why do you always recreate other peoples stuff? You’re so talented, I want to see your designs!


Very great work my friend! so cute and very detail!


Why this is not Awarded? This is so amazing!


Aren’t they cute? The owls look like chartoon characters already, charming stuff!


Outstanding great work, very funny!


nice and cute! work
best regards


This is amazing :slight_smile: Very funny


Cat in the right side is the best, amazing face! Great job!


Really nice work, the fur looks great


Why this is not Awarded? This is so amazing!


amazing artwork very nice concept details mood of lighting
5 stars congrats


so cute modelling i like it :love:


Great Job !

The eyes just looks perfect !

Cheers :slight_smile:


Andy- Thanks for that! About the recreation, perhaps it’s one of my journey to learn and reach in a master level of my design. I am still finding the way and hopefully it’s not too long to reach there. Always welcome to my gallery again and drop me a words, and your latest doggie really lovely :wink:

victorior, rozmiarek, Maview, Coldframe, rainbowdemon, Eviler, SCB, StiffCG, wassimalam, Mr-Evil-studio, Aagam - Thank you guys and my friend about the kind words :beer:


This is soo good. I have it as a desktop at Blur. Expressions on faces is strongest point of the image, but it’s backed up by brilliant technical presentation. Congratulations!


nice and cute artwork again. :slight_smile:


Congratulations !!! 5 Stars To Me ! Nice Idea


Marvelous! I love the eyes and the first impression it gives as soon as you look at it. Cute and cuddly and makes you look twice to figure out what’s going on.


Amazing detail I love the feather and fur. Some of the faces make me think of Garfield. Great Job!!