"Lolita", Sharlene Lin (3D)


Beautiful character! :bowdown: :buttrock: The hair is not very realistic but the character is cartoonist, so I think this is OK. There are, however, two things: the right elbow looks a tiny little bit strange and the right part of the hair doesn’t seem to be affected by gravity. Other than that an excellent job.


I like :thumbsup:


amazing work dude.i like it.
keep it up! :beer:


Really nice work.
Posted it on my blog.


This looks great! Love the style and skill too :slight_smile: I’m a fellow bay area-er too!


hoodedpython: You totally surprise me in a good way. I went to your blog a lot of awesome stuff there, I already bookmark it :slight_smile: Thank you for posting my work in your blog!

Crot: Thank you for stop by and give me the positive comment. Really cheer me up!

HerrMacintosh: You have some interesting point there. Thank you for paying attention for every single details. Your comment are very helpful! You got good eyes to look at stuff :slight_smile:


Is it me or the foot of the lamp look transparent?


Lovely stuff! Great pose and textural details.
The shadow off the lampshade is a bit excessive, but other than that, i really like it.


Scote: The foot of the lamp is not transparent, it crated it by the light. If I soft the shower I will lost the lamp shadow on the wall. Thank you for your comment.

AndyH: I am very appreciate your comment. I am your fan I love your works too!


May I ask about your painting/texturing process? Did you use polypainting at all, or was it mostly Maya/photoshop work? The piece is just great :slight_smile: can’t wait to see more from you!


Beautiful character and mood! yeap, the neck was the first thing that I noticed as many have already mentioned, but overall, I really love it :thumbsup:



great work!
sweet and adorable character work.


Great great great work
i lover character style :bowdown:


You guys are so sweet! Thank you for your comments.

Polaroid29: If you interest at more information how I do the texture, you can check out my tutorial
Here is the link: http://www.digitaltutors.com/11/training.php?pid=74

I showed how to use mudbox and photoshop to prepare textures and build shader in Maya.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Thank again everyone!


The lighting is great, its fall perfectly on her face, them fades away down her body. I love it!


reverseengineering: Thank you so much for liking my lighting!

Base on all the comments, I make a update version of Lolita. See if you guys like her more.
Let me know what you think.
Very appreciated everyone!
Stay Awesome!


Really beautiful picture! I love the colours and the overall mood a lot, such a fantastic composition . Added you to my fav list, looking forward to see more from you! :love:


Good work! I love it!


wow!!great lighting…and composting and nice concept too…I like very much!


Beautiful work my friend! very sweet and cute!