"Lolita", Sharlene Lin (3D)


Title: “Lolita”
Name: Sharlene Lin
Country: USA
Software: After Effects, Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, ZBrush

Hi everybody,
Hope you enjoy my recent work “Lolita”. I really have fun to work on this project.
I’ve created the model in Maya, all the fine details are sculpted in Zbrush. It´s rendered in Maya Mental ray. Final compositing is in After Effect.
Hope you like it !


Gosh she is so beautiful :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow, I like the lighting and texturing work here. All the details really make it work.

My only critique would be that you’ve enlarged her head so much that her neck looks kinda weird. Take a look at Mark Ryden’s work if you haven’t seen it, he does the same big headed strangely pretty girls, but he manages to keep the necks looking elegant.


Really nice work! If you have time to improve, might I suggest adding some more detail to the hair (it seems quite blocky compared to the rest of your elegant character) and maybe add some subtle colour coming from the lamp and affecting the face of your character (maybe a hint of blue).


Here is my turntable :slight_smile:

Watch It here

Thanks :slight_smile:

NedimStudio: I am so happy you love it, Thank you for your support!

SCB: Thank you for your critique, My next project will be use hair system. Any more suggestion?

muckymouse: I am very thankful you critique, I also love Mark Ryden’s work! Good choice. Will pay more attention on the neck area.


Looking great! I also agree with the neck. Are you in redwood city in California? If so I’m just off seaport/maple!


Thank you very much Mrguy! I am so glad that you like it. You are from the bay area too? Awesome!
Stay in touch, I like your work too :slight_smile:


good started
very very good work i like it very much
5 star


What a lovely comment Mr Evil, just made my day.
Thank you for your support!


Great work! I agree with the neck, and perhaps the hair could be improved. Overall it is very good!



Thank you for your comment Delcio. I will see what I can improve with her neck.


A beautiful work. Great lines, nice mood.

I understand the neck comment but its not easy to expose the transition from a slim neck to a big head. You could have played safe and hide it more with the hair.

One thing I feel is that something in the texturing/shading of the hair doesn’t match the same quality you have one the face.

Anyway, congrats and thanks for sharing.


really nice image, like the composition alot.


wow! lovely done!


I like it, the pose is fantastic, this work brings me serenity, nice… Bravo.!!


Really beautifull character :thumbsup:

Perhaps some more work could be done on hairs . Except that good job done :wink:


It’s so beautiful character I like her face, but it could be better if you worked on her hair’s detail .
cheers :slight_smile:


I am looking at this project a little long, all of your comments are very helpful.
Thank you for liking Lolita, your comment is my best encouragement!

Feel free to share with your friends!


so beautifull :cry:


Thank you for your comments, glad you like it! :slight_smile: Interesting face expression icon lol