logonui.exe - Application error


hey. Apparently while I was out, my dad tried to go on his name on the computer it pulled up a security box to type in the username and password, like some businesses might do. I told him to restart with last known good config and when I switched over to my name, I got this stranger application error message logging in…

has anyone seen this or known what might cause it?



It seems that is a RAM problem. Did u overclock anything or upping the voltage on anything? How are ur temperatures?


they seem alright, bout 40C in the bios

what does ram have to do with loggin on and switching users though. why is it not working for that exe


Fast user switching uses up RAM in that the current user must be cached onto the RAM and to disk while the other user becomes active. When u switch back, that memory space must be read and re-activated. It looks like the system is having problems reading that data. Do a memtest86 on it. www.memtest86.com. If u run a two or three passes with no problem, then it might be a software problem. Remember, memtest is a pretty comprehensive program and takes a long while to complete.


yea about that… seems u need a floppy disk which means u need a floppy drive…

that could b a problem

and my burner isn’t working right… i think my pc just needs a good rest


If I remember correctly, the error actually has nothing to do with having bad RAM chips. I think Microsoft has a couple of articles on this, though I can’t seem to find them off hand. Several people have reported this same error occurring in the Far Cry editor, for example, and they have nothing to do with bad RAM.



Ah, yes yes. I don’t remember when it was, but I think it was a service pack or some patch that gave you “memory could not be read/written” messages in place of the “program executed illegal operation” (at least, I think that’s the case because I somehow recall seeing “illegal operation” messages in Win2K… then they all changed to “memory blah blah blah” a while later). These errors deal with a wide variety of things including non RAM related issues. The majority I get are usually RAM though because when I get bored, I often overclock to see what I can get on a benchmark (though I usually end up getting those errors before I can even benchmark).


i’ve been getting crazy errors that say it cant be written when i try to save as in wings sometimes


hmm… i would definitely check ur RAM if u get that error while doing other things other than logging on.


the only time i saw this was with a pirate copy of windows.


no this is legit… i bought it with my new mobo cause all i had was dell oem and it was already used


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