Logo Animation : suggestions


Hi freinds

i had created a logo( see attached image) for the company called dreamzonline.

I had to create an theme animation also for this company in 3d. As i was struck here seeking help from you guys.

Actually my intension is to say the viewers :dreams which we feel in sub-conscious mind, but can be realize with the company, which they may be bring into reality using multimedia.

So, i had small idea of animation how to start, like…the eyes file flicks slowly it will close resembling gone to dreams… and again the eye will oen resembling the dreams are realizing kind…

I got struck how to show this sequence impressively…as you guys are more artistic can suggest me how to proceed… or needs to change the idea any thing you can suggest.

thanks in advance.


…tell us more about the company… what kind of stuff do they usually do? Try to tailor it to that… but what i’d say is when you have the eye flutter closed or whatever… have something soft (blurred background image?) or clouds or something kind of in the backround or in front of or mixed in with the logo… then when the eye opens slowly again have all that dissipate? ooh ooh… maybe have the logo start to break apart and become soft and cloudy (particle flow and afterburn)… then when the eye is going to open… have it start to float back together and form again


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