Logan Rig for Maya <<NEW>>


Hello guys,
I have rigged this character… its not complete yet but i thought that it is a good idea to share it and hear your suggestions and to help me improve my rigging skills (Still a newbie)…

actually this character (Logan) has been made and rigged by Ryan O’Reilly fot XSI users, and after getting the permission from him to re-rig this characer for Maya users, i thought that i will do it and post it here…

I still have problems with the Character after importing it into Maya, like i can’t get the Materials right on it without smoothing it… any suggestions regarding this issue will be appreciated…

Still no IK arms yet, only FK. no facial expression… but i’m planning to do it in the next version…

Here you go Logan Rig (RapidUpload.com Sorry i dont have a webspace yet)

Hope to hear from u soon…:slight_smile:



Whats up guys… is it this bad (89 Views and without a single reply):eek:
there has to be something to tell me about…
Please help this rig to be as good as it should be…



First of all thank u for the initiative … I havie been Looking for that rig for along time (Still don’nt wat isn’t it free)
Looking for your future post and changes.

[font=Verdana][color=#ffffff]i can’t get the Materials right on it without smoothing it… any suggestions regarding this issue will be appreciated…
I jost set the faces on the his normals :Edit polygons
ormals\set to face. it’s should solve the problem.

Again Looking to see more from you .


Hi Orona,

Thanks for the reply, and thanks for the support regarding the normals issue,
Hope to hear your comments and suggestions on the rigging process…



Do you already know how to rig, or are you following steps made for another app?

Have been trying to learn how to rig in Maya, thinking about just buying MB.


hey Luan,

actually this is my first rig, and i have following several Maya and General rigging tutorials that helped me alot on this… you will find that the rigging process is v. simple and fun after you do it several times in order to understand it correctly…

Here is the link for maya rigging tutorials on CGTALK

i hope you try the rig, and tell me if there is any suggestions that may improve it…



Actually, the links:

Character Rigging Tutorial

Character Rigging for Maya

Character Rigging - PDF file

Are in my bookmarks already, and happen to be the ONLY 3 resources I haven’t had a go at yet. Reason being is that after spending money on various dvds which sucked, and on books that sucked, I wasn’t, and haven’t been in the mood to click through webpages that may have errors. I just went on to texturing stuff for awhile, and am now ready to go back to rigging. Was planning on just purchasing the Art of Rigging volumes 1 and 2, and [b]Inspired 3D Advanced Rigging and Deformation.

[/b]If I’d known better I would have taken the advice I now give everyone, use the free stuff, THEN spend money on material, especially with so much bad material out there. After quickly testing your rig, I think I’ll heed my own advice and work through those pages.
The things that frustrated me is they (stuff I spent $ on)all had errors (one didn’t until the VERY end, and that was what set me over the edge of frustration)or the rigs were to basic. I hadn’t even looked at the above links before spending $$…but now going back, only the pdf doesn’t show how to take advantage of a lower forearm for better rotation. That first link even has fk/ik setup.

Very nice first rig, the way you have the seperate fingers and all finger curl is great.
Plus, it is a great advertisement to not only read the FAQ for tutorial links, but to do them instead of spending $ on stuff first.

Keep with it.


Some of this may have been mentioned already…I just skimmed all the responses real fast.

You mentioned having trouble getting the shaders to show up correctly. That’s because your normals are wacked out. Select a part you want to fix and go to Edit Polygons > Normals > Set to Face. This will give the polygons a very defined edge, but it will fix the reversed normals (black spots). Afterwards, you should mess around with the Soften/Harden command in the same menu. In fact, mess around with that whole menu - it will be your friend later on.

As for the rig:

1)The root control is labeled as “hip_Ctrl” and there is no hip control that I can see after a few minutes with this rig.

2)The tie control doesn’t really give you any control…it needs to have MUCH more freedom, including the Y and Z axis. Add another section in there so we can get some overlap.

3)The fingers could use more controls. With the way they are currently set, you can do plenty of action animations, but it’s going to hurt when you try acting (using the hands a lot). They could use individual controls for curling each joint, as well as spreading each finger individually.

4)The eyes could use some aim constraint controls

5)I understand this is your first rig so I don’t want to get too complicated, but the legs could use IK/FK switching (may as well go ahead and learn it now). I remember playing with lots of these rigs when I was student and having the hardest time animating some actions because I had to keyframe the IK legs while a character was rolling or flipping or something.

The IK/FK switching will apply to the arms as well when you get to that point.

I hope some of this helps…


Hey Animonster,
Thanks for the reply…
Actually your timing is right, as i have started re-rig the character yesterday, and i was trying to figure our what do i need exactly to make this rig better and better. of course there are a lot of things to think about, but you know it is better for me as a newbie as you have said to concentrate on things that are basic at first… so i decided to finish the following:

  • IK/FK arms
  • IK/FK Legs
  • eyes controls
  • some basic facial expressions.
  • individual fingers controls (as you have mentioned)

Now what do you think about the geo. of the rig… shoud i skin it or its good as it is right now (parented to joints) because i can see that it will look better if it was skinned…

Thanks again…



I wouldn’t worry about skinning a model like this, but it can’t hurt either. Basically, he is designed for speed of use in animation. If you do skin him, I would make sure to duplicate the geometry and put it on a seperate layer and just keep it parented. If you are planning on rigging a bunch more, that is a good habit to practice: make your working geometry and your render geometry.

Hope this helps…

-Please add another control to that tie so it can get some overlap…


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